Day 14 of Little Introspection: What Are Some Activities You Love to Do in Little Space?

Hi Friends!

This question is so appropriate today, as I have been busy painting an old chicken coop with my daddy all morning! Here is a look at the before and after photos. Clearly I’m a Little who loves all things kawaii (hehe!).



And after! πŸ™‚


There are so many things that I love to do in Little Space, and I’m sure you can relate to many in the lists below. So without further delay, let’s dive into today’s question of the day:

Things I Love to Do in Little Space at Home:Β 

  • Feed the chickens
  • Color pictures for my Daddy
  • Paint pictures (or whole buildings! lol)
  • Watch Disney movies
  • Sing songs and have a dance party around the house
  • Go outside and watch lizards, ants, and bugs scurry to and fro
  • Play with sidewalk chalk
  • Dance in the sprinklers
  • Have a picnic in the yard
  • Snuggle up on Daddy and have him read picture books to me
  • Get messy baking in the kitchen together
  • Have a tea party in my kawaii mugs

Things I love to Do in Little Space Out and About:Β 

  • Go to the beach
  • Dip in the hot tubs with Daddy
  • Go to the local petting farm! (I especially love to feed the cows)
  • Stock up on Little treats at the grocery store
  • Go shopping at the thrift stores
  • Play at the playground
  • Catch a kids movie at the drive-in movie theater
  • Go to our local aquarium
  • Go to the library for a new weekly stack of books to read together

My Little Space Bedtime Routine Activities:Β 

  • Take a shower with Daddy (complete with singing and being silly while we get all bubbly)
  • Get into my jammies and Hello Kitty socks to prepare for bed
  • Read a picture book together in bed
  • Drink a cup of water from my pink sippy cup
  • Do night-night tuck in routine with my plushies and kisses for me from Daddy
  • Go to sleep πŸ™‚

My Little Space Morning Routine Activities:Β 

  • Wake up and get dressed in the outfit that Daddy has laid out for me
  • Go brush my teeth and hair
  • Make tea in my unicorn mug to wake up
  • Turn on dance music to wake up my mind and truly begin the day πŸ™‚
  • Make brekkie and then begin the day!

What I love most about these activities is that I can be doing “Big Me” things, such as resting in a hot tub or wandering around the library for books, while still feeling deeply Little inside. It’s the perfect harmony of Big Me and Little Me. I hope this list inspires you to try new activities and to make space in your life to play and be Little. Have a wonderful Monday everyone, stay tuned for the next post, and as always, keep on smiling! πŸ™‚

Much love,

~Penny xx

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