Day 17 of Little Introspection: What is One Aspect You’d Want to Change About Your Little Side?

Hi Friends!

A very Happy Thursday to you, or as I like to say, “Happy Pre-Friday”. 🙂 Today we are examining parts of “Little Me” that we wish to change. Personally, I wish I felt more confident in putting my face out there on Instagram and my blog. I’m in the process of growing out my hair. And as someone who has thick, naturally curly hair, I get self-conscious about putting my face out there. My brain wonders if I’m resembling an afro, or if someone will look at me and think that I’m not very feminine because I don’t have long, silky hair. It’s easy to find faults within ourselves that we stress and worry about. It’s more difficult to make a list of all of the things that we love about ourselves. So, today I want to share with you things that I commonly worry about within Little Space, and maybe you can relate? We’re all in this proverbial boat together. 🙂

I. I sometimes compare myself to skinny Littles on Instagram: 

When I first got on Instagram and began searching DDLG and Cg/l I was flooded with girls nearly 10 years younger then I am, putting their bodies on display for all to see. Suddenly images of toothpick legs in thigh-high socks scrolled through my feed. I saw apple-bottom rumps complete with fox tail butt plugs, and breasts popping out of shirts that read, “Yes, Daddy?” on them. It was basically porn-lite. I saw girls in onesies and diapers sucking on pacifiers and bottles, and my brain spun as I began to wonder why I didn’t look like them! Why wasn’t I wearing diapers all the time and had long, tan legs? Why didn’t I have cute pigtails and have my boobies popping out for all of the world to see?

And then I took a moment of pause. (Actually it was more like 2 months, but hey, who’s counting. 😉 ). In my hiatus from social media I began to find my own style. I cover up because I feel better about my form. I love kawaii dresses and plushie purses. I love my pink Adidas shoes, and my Ireland hoodie. I don’t know if I’ll ever have cute pigtails, but I can’t run around in a onesie because I’m busy raising my daughter. It was then that I had my “aha” moment. What you see on Instagram is a snapshot of a moment in time. It doesn’t mean that the person in the image is like that all of the time. In fact, I’d bet a bunch of money that those girls snap the photos, and then go back to their normal clothing shortly thereafter (lol). 🙂 We don’t need to place impossible standards, or unrealistic expectations on ourselves to look a certain way. Be the Little that YOU were meant to be.

II. Curvy can be cute too: 

I remember, years ago, I met a man who suddenly told me on a date, “you’re totally my type!”. He blushed as I stood there blinking. Mind you, I was 60 pounds heavier then I am right now! So, honey, I was curvy back then. Still, this gentleman had the confidence to tell me that despite the fat on my hips, thighs, and butt… he still found me attractive. Nothing came of that date, but the memory taught me a valuable life lesson. There is someone for everyone, and I truly believe that there is a D/s partner out there for YOU!

Be kind to yourself. Love your curves. You don’t need to starve yourself eating salad and water in order to get a dominant. Be who you are because that is enough. ❤ Know that how you look in the clothes that make you feel Little, already is cute! You don’t need to “look cute” for the whole world to approve. You need to feel cute to yourself. And anyone who thinks otherwise can sip their “haterade” elsewhere!

III. I want to give myself permission to explore more of my kinks and fetishes: 

Maybe you can relate to this feeling. Sometimes, I’m so busy after a long day of caring for my family and Daddy, that by 9 pm I fall into the bed and pass out. I have to schedule my Little Space, to ensure that I actually get some! As such, I sometimes forget to shake things up and try to incorporate something different into my play time. I am a kinky girl. I love all kinds of things. I love pet play, roleplay, masochism, bondage, consensual slavery, CNC, and more!

I need to remember to make space to allow myself to explore these things with my Daddy. Yes, we are adults who lead busy lives. Yes, I’m working on Book 3 at the moment which takes up a ton of time. But, all work and no play makes for a dull Little! (hehe!). So, I’m resolving to make more time to be a “hybrid Little” and indulge all of my kinks and fantasies. If you have yet to explore what kinks and fantasies are out there, or if you are a new Cg/l couple who hasn’t sat down and shared what kinks and fetishes you’re into, I recommend printing off my Kinks and Fantasies Checklist (available in the FREE printable section). This checklist is designed for Littles to color in their level of preference towards a kink or fetish, and then share the document with their dominant so that he/she can know where your interests lay for play sessions. 🙂

IV. I want to take more time for self-reflection, to unearth things that I missed out on in my own childhood, and incorporate them more into my Little Space: 

I want to end this post on a more personal point. If you’re like me, and you came from a dysfunctional family (or you had a “messed up” childhood), know that you’re not alone. I’ve found that my Little Space often incorporates things that I missed out on entirely during my childhood. For example: one night my mother was drunk and came into my room late at night. In being “black out” drunk, she smashed my porcelain tea sets in my room that I had collected as a child. At the time, it was very traumatic. Now as an adult and a Little, tea time is very important to me. Daddy and I use our kawaii mugs, and pretty plates to bake scones together. We sip our tea and watch an animated movie. This nurtures and heals the part of me that missed out on playing tea party when I was a child. Are there things in your own childhood in which you missed out on, that you can incorporate into your Little Space?

Another aspect that I love weaving into my Little Space is time at the playground. As a child, I was always the chubby girl who liked to stay out of the limelight. This was especially true during recess. One day when I was in elementary school, some fellow peers asked me to slide down this fire pole. I was terrified. I climbed up the bars to the top and froze. A small crowd of my classmates had gathered to watch. Some cheered while others jeered at me. I began to cry. Eventually the bell rang and we went inside. I never did slide down that pole. Now as a Little, my Daddy often takes me to the playground. I love going on the swings and sliding down the slides. I’m not a fan of the fire poles or the monkey bars, but I get to play on the playground in a way that feels good for me.

Give yourself permission to use your Little Space in a way that is healing and nurturing to your own soul. You don’t need to be anyone but YOU! Know that who you are, right now, just as you are, is enough. You are truly beautiful inside and out, and I believe in you! Sending much love your way today, and everyday! That’s it for this post. Stay tuned for the next topic, have a wonderful day, my friends, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

Much love,

~Penny xx

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