Well Seasoned (The 30+ Yr. Bracket): Being Little as You Age [Part 6 of 8]

Hi Friends!

Tonight I went to the most awkward dinner party ever. For the sake of not naming names, let’s call the host The Ice Queen. Normally when you invite people over for dinner there is warmth, polite conversation, and a few appetizers to share. But this dinner outing was entirely different. There was minimal conversation, lots of “dead air” in which everyone sat around the dining table eating their food with uneasy smiles on their faces, and I was glancing at my watch repeatedly wondering when I could make my escape. It all began with the hostess said aloud at the table how many calories were in each burrito that we were eating. We all glanced at each other awkwardly wondering who would consume the most, after knowing that each burrito was 260 calories a piece.

But maybe that’s the f***ed up part about aging. Some people age well, while others…. spoil dinner parties and leave people to gobble down their meals and make a quick exit. I’d like to think that as I age, the colorful, kawaii parts of my self will remain the same. I certainly know that I’ll be a Little for the rest of my life. Now on that note, let’s dive into tonight’s topic:

I. In Your 20’s…. 

In your twenties you’re untouchable. Or more accurately you’re completely “touchable” because you’re riding a roller coaster of hormones and rebelliousness. When I was in my early twenties I was daring, flirty, and loved the attention from many men. I kissed a co-worker while on the job (in the freezer of an ice cream shop to boot!). I stayed out late with friends and even came to work high once. Oh, the dumb things we do when we’re young. But it’s the time to feel vibrant, sexy, young, and be able to eat anything without getting indigestion. (hehe!).

As a Little in your 20’s it’s hard to commit to a dominant. Mostly because you’re fickle and still figuring out who you are and what you want. It takes time to discern what your preferences in a partner are, or what kind of submissive you want to be. Yet, it’s fun to explore being a young Little. Your skin is flawless and you still retain your “baby face”. You’re usually unencumbered from a ton of bills or a mortgage, so you have the financial freedom to focus on yourself and your partner. You can date and stay out late! You can attend music festivals and wear bikini’s. Your breasts and ass has never looked better.

II. In Your 30’s….

You begin to slow down a bit in your 30’s. You don’t really want McDonald’s anymore because it always sends you running to the bathroom with a bottle of Pepto Bismol in hand. You’re still young and can pull off a Little look well, but you have no desire to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Just as little children go to bed at 9 pm, so too, do you head to bed earlier in the evening. This is especially true if you’re a Little with children of your own. You’re in your 30’s now, so perhaps you’ve married and finally settled down. You’re in a relationship for the long-haul now, so you can’t get mad and walk away. You have to stand there and work through disagreements like a mature adult.

Maybe your spouse is also your dominant. This wouldn’t be surprising, as having a spouse be your dominant is the ultimate act of trust and love. You weave layers into your marriage that vanilla couples couldn’t possibly understand. Your love is deep, rich, quiet, and strong. With your partner by your side, you navigate the daily chores and bills all while taking time your of a hectic domesticated life to feel young and Little.

III. In Your 40’s… 

I haven’t hit this point in life yet, so admittedly this is all speculation. But I’ve heard that once you hit 40, you begin to just not give a f*** about what other people think about you. Gosh, if that’s true I would be so happy. Let’s imagine what it would be like to be 40 for a moment. You’re older now, but you don’t feel that old. They say you’re in your “mid-life”, but as a Little this just means that you’re doing more intentional acts to stay and feel young. Your little space becomes more precious to you now. Maybe the kids are in their teenage years and are about to leave the “nest”. You have more time for yourself. You and your dominant can go on more little dates without worrying about hiring a babysitter to watch over the kids.

You’re 40 now, which means that maybe you own your own house. You can design a little space room to indulge in all of your fantasies. You have the money to go away to Cg/l conferences, and to buy tons of items that make you feel small, loved, and happy. Your little space becomes vibrant and a regular part of your life because you don’t feel so tired all of the time. You aren’t chasing after kids, instead you’re chasing after Father Time. That’s all you really want– a little more time.

IV. In Your 50’s…. 

You’ve begun getting annual check up’s now for things you never used to worry about before. The doctors tell you to curb your sweet tooth, so you begin to modify your little space snacks. Gone are the days when you could munch on chicken nuggets and goldfish. And in comes fruit cups and whole wheat pancakes. Still, you’re a Little which means that you find a way to make the most of the proverbial hand you’re dealt. You decorate your pancakes with fruit to make a smiley face. You create delicious parfaits that would rival any restaurants. You now eat steel cut oats with almond milk in the mornings and play pretend that you’re Goldilocks having a bowl of porridge.

You’re 50 now, and even though you’re Little in your mind, your body begins to change a bit. You don’t want to play on the floor any longer, so you move your Little Space to the pool. You swim and play with your dominant. You dance together to your favorite tunes, which admittedly aren’t the current ones on the radio, but nonetheless they make you happy. You color or paint pictures, and find ways to relieve stress all while regressing into your Little Space. After so many years together, your Cg/l relationship comes as easy as breathing.

V. In Your 60’s… 

The sands of time have begun to show age on your body. Streaks of silver ribbon your hair to reveal years of wisdom and understanding. You’re still a Little but now you also feel like a goddess! You’re a warrior with tons of stories from years past. You’re a Little who marches to their own beat. You wear the clothing that is most comfortable, not giving a damn if it’s in trend or not. You tell people exactly what you think without hesitation or “sugar coating” things. And you refuse to settle for less than anything that you deserve. You love hard and fiercely. You live honestly and boldly, because deep down you know that you don’t have too much time left.

Perhaps some friends of yours have already begun to grow sick and pass on. Every day is a sacred gift and so you cherish every second of Little Space. Your dominant is the beat of your heart after serving them for so long. You understand each other in a way that is almost spiritual. They get you completely and you know their every move and facial expression. You’re in your 60’s now, and so as a Little you seize the day. You eat the chocolate cake without worrying about how long its going to take to burn it off. You go on that trip to the place you’ve longed to go. You settle hurt feelings with the baggage of your past. And you continue to dream big dreams, because that is where hope lies in the still of your heart.

Yes, we are Little all of our lives. It is a slow dance to the rhythm of our hearts. It is a movie filled with the fragments of time. Snapshots and memories of moments that take our breath away. Cherish every moment, my friends, for this life of ours is so, so precious.

That’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the next topic, have a wonderful night, and I’ll see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Penny xx


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