Day 21 of Little Introspection: Do You Use Little Space as a Coping Tool for a Deeper Issue?

Hi Friends!

I’m going to deviate from my usual blog format style today. Normally, I break a topic down into bite-sized pieces weaving in advice, or life lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Today, however, I’m going to write this strictly from my point of view. Everyone uses Little Space for their own personal reasons. Whether you use it as a kink, a non-sexual place of refuge, a chance to explore another part of your identity, or as a coping mechanism from past baggage, there are numerous reasons that we regress into the head space. I am no exception. Today, I’m going to bear my soul to you to show you why I use Little Space, and how it has become a beneficial and positive part of my life.

Once upon a time….

There was a little girl with curly blonde hair, and soft green eyes. Her name was Lisa. She was born into the most typical-looking American family. There was a mom who stayed at home, a dad who worked in an office, and an older brother who also had soft blonde-brown hair. They lived in a small farming town, on a quiet street, where (like the TV show “Cheers”) everyone knew their name. Life was good in this sleepy, happy town, until one day when it wasn’t. The dad got a better job offer hundreds of miles away, and so the family picked up and moved. From the snowy reaches of the North to the hot, humid climate of the South, they loaded up in their minivan and moved.

Lisa had always been a daddy’s girl right from the start. People would look at her and then her father, and comment how they looked so much alike. But once the family reached the South, all of that changed. The dad wasn’t around that much anymore. The mom began growing angry, and fights erupted over dinnertime. The mom began to drink beer regularly, and the dad came home less and less often. Lisa and her brother began to drift apart too. One day after hopping down off the bus, she saw her dad’s car in the driveway. Excited to see him, she raced inside only to be told the news that her parents were divorcing. “Choose!” the dad screamed at her and her brother, “Who do you want to live with? Me or your mother?”. Of course, Lisa chose her dad and her brother chose the mom. And so the family was split in two.

A year later Lisa was living with her dad back in the North snuggled up in the warmth of her grandparents’ house when her dad went on a business trip. When he came home, he had a ring on his finger and promptly packed their bags to move once again. This time, Lisa cried a lot. Back to the South they went, this time just her and her dad, to meet her new stepmom and stepsister. As they pulled in the driveway, Lisa saw that the woman was her dad’s old secretary. The world felt awkward, unsure, and angry. For nine years she lived there in a home where, like Cinderella, she was made to cook and clean. She took care of her younger stepsister who was treated like a queen by her dad and stepmom. She wasn’t allowed to have friends. She never went on dates. She never got to pick out clothes that she wanted to wear, and every summer off from school meant volunteering as a caregiver for her stepsister. Life was hard.

Finally at 18 years old Lisa graduated high school. The very next day her dad shoved her things in trash bags and kicked her to the curb. She left that day and never returned home. Ever so slowly, her dad drifted farther and farther out of the picture of her life. Years came and went. People came and went. Lisa moved around the country seeking love, friendship, and stability, until it finally came in the form of her Daddy dom. It took a man from the other side of the world to show her what a healthy love life could look like. It took a dominant to give her the structure she so sorely needed to help get her life back on track.

Now, after 7 years together, life has finally turned around. Lisa has a beautiful daughter who is thriving and is the center of her life. She has a writing career which is her absolute passion, and she hopes to share love with the world each and everyday in a way that she never received as a child. ❀


Being a Little allows me to open up and nurture all of the simple joys and passions I had once as a little girl. It slowly mends the fragmented childhood that I had, to create a whole, and healthy me. It allows me to feel pride and happiness, when I make my daddy happy. So, do I use my Little Space as a coping tool for a deeper issue? You bet I do. πŸ™‚ I hope you all enjoyed this post. It is my hope that by being transparent, and showing you a bit of me behind the pen name of Penny Berry, that you can see where my love for the Cg/l lifestyle stems from.

What is your motivation for diving into Little Space? Sending so much love to you today, my friends. Have a wonderful Monday. Stay tuned for the next topic, and as always, keep on smiling! πŸ™‚

Much love,

~Penny (a.k.a. Lisa) πŸ˜‰ xx


  1. Big hugs
    You can’t pick your family
    But am told to not become your parents is the greatest achievement.
    Glad you found happiness
    Love bittersweet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Hugs*! So true, Bittersweet ❀ Thank you for the sweet comment. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, as I learned. Now, I'm so excited to be in the here and now, sharing our lifestyle as Cg/l on here with you and everyone else. I hope you had a fantastic day today!
      Much love,
      ~Penny xx


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