Day 26 of Little Introspection: What is a Soft Limit of Yours and Why?

Hi Friends!

We are back with another day of little introspection and today we’re discussing soft limits. For those new to my blog, welcome! I’d like to give a big shout out to Sir N and his baby girl! It’s so great to have you both here reading along! โค

First, I’d like to define the term, “soft limit”:

A soft limit is a sexual limit in which the individual wants to do but is very cautious, nervous, or anxious about.

When my Daddy and I drew up our Cg/l contract we had to sit there and flip through a list of nearly 500 kinks, fetishes, tropes, and fantasies to make sure that we knew exactly what each other desired. It was there, in that discussion, where we said things like: “if you even think about punching my pussy, Daddy….” or “Um, hell no to scat”. We defined our hard limits quickly. But then there were other items on the list where I took a pause. It seemed intriguing and alluring. A part of me smirked at the thrill of being able to actually pursue such a devious, and nontraditional sexual act. I found fear at the mere idea of doing these soft limits, but still, I didn’t want to rule them out altogether.

Fast forward to today. There are still things that are on my “sexual bucket list” of sorts. These are my soft limits and I’m going to bare my soul to you to take a peek at what I enjoy. I invite you to explore not only my kinks and fantasies checklist, but also this complete BDSM kinks, fetishes, tropes, and fantasies checklist. Sit down together and discuss your hard and soft limits. It will be a very rewarding experience to know what your partner is into. I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, let’s dive in.

I. Being “loaned” Out to Another Dominant:ย 

Can you imagine, for a moment, knowing another dominant friend whom you trusted… and having them control you for a night? Such a fantasy and kink exists within the world of BDSM! There are many people who crave the idea of being “loaned” out, so they can experience a new type of play session, and then feel sheer ecstasy as their own dominant reclaims them when they get back home! Some even take it a step further and tease their dominant by sending naughty text, video, or a phone call while having sex with the loaned dominant. While I haven’t done this fantasy, it’s definitely something that is a soft limit of mine… ๐Ÿ˜‰

II. Watersports:ย 

The term “watersports” always makes me giggle when I say it aloud or type it out. It sounds so ordinary like jet skiing… or surfing… not peeing on someone! But within BDSM, the term watersports refers to either peeing on someone, or being peed upon. Couples into watersports often will use latex sheets and drink lots and lots of water before a play session to ensure that their urine isn’t ammonia-smelling, and that there are plenty of fluids going to arouse each other.

For some, (like myself), it’s the idea of being “marked” by your dominants urine that gives a thrill to the act. For others, they enjoy the taste of their partners urine and relish being covered in their fluids. But most submissives who are into watersports, loves the idea of being a “naughty, filthy, kinky slave” in that very moment as they’re being used and peed on.

III. CNC! (Consent-Non-Consent):ย 

I want to be clear that this fantasy and sexual act can be triggering for those with a past of sexual or physical abuse. So please use discretion and thoroughly discuss doing this beforehand. Just as the name implies, there is mutual consent from both parties before engaging in CNC. This act refers to performing a roleplay scene where it appears that the submissive is being raped or taken in a non-consenting way. They might fight back against the dominant, or be tied up, have their clothing ripped off, etc. Whatever both parties agree that will happen in play, that’s what occurs. Then they suspend their imagination and act out the scene.

To be clear: it isn’t actual rape! It’s two legal adults consenting to a play session that mimics what rape or forceful penetration looks like.

IV. Sex in Public:

I remember the first time that my daddy told me of a fantasy that he has, about having sex in a department store dressing room. I did a double take at him! “What?!” I squeaked. I must have looked like Madea. When I get stressed, my Southern accent tends to pop up a bit (lol). “Do you know what would happen if we get caught?” I protested. He smirked back at me. “Isn’t that the thrill of it though?” he countered. All I envisioned was some security guard busting into the fitting rooms and us having to run off to escape. My curvy ass doesn’t run that fast, so no doubt I would be caught. Have we done this soft limit yet? No. Do I still feel a thrill of wanting to try it? Yes.

IF I were to ever have sex in public I would want it to be somewhere warm. No achy, freezing boobies for me, thanks! Maybe I would do it in an outdoor shower… or at a resort where I could slip away behind a cabana or something? That could be hot! ๐Ÿ™‚

So those are a few of my soft limits. Do you have any soft limits?! If you’re feeling brave, comment and let me know! If you liked this post, please smash that like button. Have a wonderful night everyone, stay tuned for the next topic, and I’ll see you back here on the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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