The Rebirth of Kitten!

Hi Friends!!!

First, let me say from the bottom of my heart: masaya ako dahil sa inyong lahat. I am so happy to the core of my being from the many messages, emails, Instagram messages, etc. that you all sent to me from a space of pure love! THIS is why I have a passion to write about the Cg/l lifestyle. THIS is why I love doing what I do. It’s for all of us. I love our colorful, creative, unique, and vastly diverse community. So thank you, so many times over. You all give me fire to get up again and keep going. You breathed a breath of life into my soul to smile, and know that true love and kindness exists. From the other side of the world, to the far reaches of every continent, I have heard from all of you, which brings me to today’s post.

The rebirth of me… kitten! 🙂

When I graduated from my sub training with my Daddy, I was gifted the name Kitten. It has been so appropriate given that I love snuggles, being feisty and playful. I’m deeply curious and love to dive into someone’s mind. I cry easily and get fearful inside of my head. But I love to love. It brings me immense joy to put a smile on peoples’ faces. Which is why I’m here, and I’m back! Just, in a new way…..

I. Posts on Self-Care: 

As you all saw in the previous post, I’m digging deep into nurturing my well-being. With the love from all of YOU, my barkada, and my family, I am pushing onward to become the best me that I can be. That said, I’m going to do two posts a day! At night you will see a more personal post. In our community, as Cg/l we don’t usually show our face. We turn our head away from the camera. We get that angle “just right” to conceal our identity. And I get it, we all have our reasons to shy away from putting ourselves out there. But at this junction in my life, I’m trying to do things different. Way different.

For starters, I’m embracing body positivity! Yes, I’m a kitten with curves who loves a cup of black tea and a warm scone. But, I’m packing up my apron for a while as I focus on better health and a journey to a happier, and more smiley, me. I want to go against the tide within the world of Cg/l and show my face. I’m a Little. At times I feel like one, and other times, I don’t. Sometimes I feel feisty and playful and yearn for pet play, while other times I feel quiet and reflective. Still other times I crave total domination and wish to regress into the mindset of a slave. But all of these facets make up me. Just…. me. 🙂

This is me! 😀 Kitten Kaboodle at your service!

And I want you to see it.

I want you to see the good days and the bad days. I want to show you what I’m eating to nourish my body and mind. I want you to see my workouts and my reviews and progress. I want you to know me! I want to share conversations in the comments section together. This community and journey is about all of us. Mental health needs to be spoken about on a daily basis, and if I can inspire one person out there that with hard work, lots of love and support from amazing people, and time… that things can get better, then these posts will be worth it.

II. Posts on Little Space: 

I’ve been struggling to get into Little Space, as you all know, but today my Daddy put his foot down. “Get in the car” he said, “we’re going to the beach”. He knows that the beach is my happy spot. Off we went just a few miles to the coast when all of a sudden he turned the wheel and pulled into our local aquarium. I couldn’t resist squealing! It had been a while since I last went to see the touch tanks, baby sharks, and moon jellyfish. Our aquarium is small, but the nonprofit organization that runs it has some of the most wonderful people.

I would totally be a mermaid if I could…

So there in the quiet of the aquarium, I felt that soft glow of Little Me lift to the forefront of my mind. I smiled as the woman held up a creature for me to touch. In truth, I didn’t know what the dark blob was. “What is it?” I squeaked. “It’s a sea cucumber!” she smiled and held it out to me. Tentatively I gently poked the living creature and felt the soft blob move. “Oh!” I gasped, and a grin shot across my face. I looked over at my daddy who was grinning from ear to ear. He could see Little Me in my eyes.

Moon Jellyfish!

It was our quiet held secret as we walked around from tank to tank looking at all the creatures. There are times when I feel “big” and times when I feel “little”. But all of you inspire me to fall back into the head space and share my stories, knowledge, and creativity for us all to enjoy. (Side note: a big THANK YOU to the many people who sent me messages saying you’ve enjoyed the printables. It brings me immense joy to know that they’re getting used! <3).

III. What to Expect in the Coming Days: 

So I’m coming back as a more open, and introspective me. I want to toss away the pen name of Penny Berry and show you me, Kitten Kaboodle (that’s my submissive name and the one I’m called all the time). You can expect to see more daily posts as we move along in the “60 days of little introspection”. And I will do my best to weave in other printables when I’m able.

When I began my blog 193 posts ago, I knew from the start that this was never about money. I have no desire to start a Patreon. I intentionally mark my published books as low as possible to make them affordable for everyone, regardless of income. And you won’t see me looking for any spotlight or praise. This blog is for YOU. Yes, you! And you! And you! And you!!! It’s for all of us who make up this niche community in the giant world of BDSM. We are a colorful, happy, kawaii-esque group of Littles with loving daddies and mommies. It is my deepest wish that you all continue to enjoy this site and spread the word to your friends. I find that word of mouth is the most genuine form of publicity.

This is where all of my creative magic happens! 🙂

So stay tuned for many more exciting topics as you get to know me, and being Little! Big hugs to each and every one of you, and I’ll see you back here on the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


    1. Thank you, Sir N! That means so much for you to say! You comment just made my day! 🙂 I can’t wait to write and gush about many more topics in the coming days. Have an awesome start to the week!
      ~Kitten xx


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