Day 27 of Little Introspection: What Kind of Personal Hygiene Routine Do You Do in Little Space?

Hi Friends!

Today I want to let you into a more intimate part of my life: my bedroom. Somewhere when I pushed past 25 years old, I began to take notice in my personal hygiene. Suddenly, I shifted in mindset from “fuck it, let’s stay up all night and eat crap” to “hang on, lotioning my skin and getting proper sleep feels good”. As I became a Little, that same desire to feel clean, fresh, and loved moved into my Little Space, and Daddy and I developed what we call, “Our Lovie Routine”:

I. Preparation for Lovies: 

When it comes to showering, I love my shower hot. Lava hot. Unless it’s super warm outside, in which case I’ll gladly take a cold shower. But more often then not, I am a hot shower kind of girl. Now, my Daddy loves a cold shower. So, it’s rare when we shower together, or if we do, he huddles in the corner trying to avoid the stream of piping-hot water until it’s his turn and I get out. (lol). But I digress. Preparing for lovies all begins in the shower. Admittedly, I go out of my way to purchase Dove body wash with lavender, special Vegan bar soap that’s gentle on my skin, and shampoo that is plant-based and will keep my hair soft and shiny. I give my shower routine attention, so that while I’m in there I can mentally let go. It’s nice. 🙂

II. Then It’s Daddy’s Turn: 

The first time that Daddy offered to clean up my princess parts, I blushed hard. I’m a curvy Little with thick thighs and a bum. Yes, we had made love countless times, but there is a huge difference between having sex, and someone going down there with a diaper wipe, looking at your vagina, and tenderly wiping it clean. “Let me take care of you” he said soothingly, and spread my legs apart. My cheeks and nose turned pink! Still, I held my legs apart as I looked down at him. I watched him pull out a few, moist diaper wipes and begin to carefully clean the lips of my slit. He gave my clit a gentle rub with his thumb before winking up at me. I giggled and flashed him a sly grin.

Next, he took a bottle of baby powder and began to powder my princess parts and my thighs. “My lola (grandma) used to powder us grand-kids when it was super warm” he explained lovingly, to ease my nerves. I completely relaxed. It wasn’t a sexual act. It was an act of pure love. He simply wanted me to feel comfortable and clean. In the South, we often carry diaper wipes to have, what we call affectionately, “a ho bath”. I’ll let you figure out how that name came to be (lol). But, the point is, sometimes when it’s humid and blazing hot… a diaper wipe over your skin can feel deeply refreshing.

III. The Head to Toe Tuck In:

After smelling like fresh baby powder, then it’s time for me to wiggle under my unicorn-clad comforter to sleep. At this point, Daddy usually stands by the side of the bed and hands me my plushies, tucking them into the crook of each arm. “This is mine” he mumbles and kisses my forehead. “And this is mine” he whispers kissing my lips. “These are mine” he mumbles, giving each nipple a kiss. “This is mine” he purrs, kissing my stomach. “And this is mine” he growls, kissing my clit. With a stroke of his thumb on my cheek, I watch him round the bed, slip in beside me and shift to get into his sleeping position as I get into mine.

“Bedtime prayers!” I chirp, and Daddy nods as we claps our hands to our chest side by side:

God bless mothers, and fathers, and grandparents too. Aunties and uncles, friends old and new. Amen.

In the still of my room, I think about my dear friends, both close and far away across the world. I think about all of you, reading this blog, and say a silent prayer that you’re feeling just as loved and fulfilled as I am. I count my blessings, give a yawn, and then it’s time to sleep…

Magandang gabi, mahal (Goodnight, love)” he mumbles in the darkness of our bedroom.

Magandang gabi, daddy” I whisper, and drift off to sleep with a thankful smile on my lips.

I hope this post inspires you to connect with your dominant and create your own lovie routine! Being together with your partner, in an intimate (but non-sexual) way can be deeply rewarding. Let me know if you have any questions about what products to purchase for your lovie routine. That’s it from me my friends, stay tuned for the next topic! If you liked this post, please smash that like button, and I’ll see you all back here for the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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