Day 28 of Little Introspection: Have You Ever Explored Being an Adult Baby or Middle? If So, How Did You Feel?

Hi Friends!

Today we are diving into the discussion of playing around with various forms of expression within Little Space. Typically, there are three main categories that littles fall into:

  • Adult babies
  • Littles
  • Middles

Now across the Little spectrum, how each person expresses themselves within the head space is entirely unique. So let’s break down each category to briefly examine some qualities that each type of Little possesses:

I. Adult Babies: 

People who regress to an age that is 0-3 are usually identified as adult babies. It’s important to note that not all adult babies wear diapers. While the label, ABDL stands for adult baby diaper lover, actually wearing diapers is a personal choice. There are many adult babies who wear diapers and are happy, while others prefer onesies, pacifiers, sleeping in an adult crib, and playing with toys on the floor. There is also the misconception that to be an adult baby, (as with any form of little space), means that you are aroused at the idea of baby things. This is completely false! Having a kink (or sexual attraction towards something) might be present with an individual who is an adult baby. But there are many adult babies who simply love regressing into the mind of an infant for other non-sexual reasons. Their little space may or may not include ageplay. There is no right or wrong way to be an adult baby (or any other kind of little!). Always do what feels best for you. 🙂

Personally, I haven’t explored being an adult little. I find myself unable to regress that young in the mindset. But I certainly respect those who do! ❤

II. Littles: 

This is the broadest label for submissives within the Cg/l community. There are various forms of expression when it comes to being a Little, including but not limited to: baby girls/boys, prince/princess, kittens, brats, angels, cry babies, and little (foxes, deer, puppies, and various other young animals). As such, there are so many different ways that littles express themselves. Some engage in pet play and wear ears and tails. Others prefer being pampered by their dominant. Some littles don’t have a dominant, but they do have babysitters (a dominant who temporarily steps in to care for them), or aunts, uncles, little sisters, or little brothers!

The age of mind regression also varies widely within the Little bracket. Some view the little mind set as a regression to ages 4-9, whereas others identify as Little but do not label a specific age that they regress to. Normally, when I’m feeling little and playful I’m usually around age 5. I hold up my hand with a big smile and proudly announce that I’m 5 years old and I can count that high! 🙂 I prefer being this age, and can get into it mentally, because it doesn’t restrict my ability to be vocal, sing, etc. and I can also move around and be playful, versus being an infant that is more non-verbal and stationary. If I’m feeling sad, or I’ve gotten physically hurt, my mind naturally regresses into a place more of ages 4 or 3. I yearn to have someone clean my “boo boo” and kiss my cheek to cheer me up. I long for snuggles, and the ability to feel safe and protected again.

III. Middles: 

This is the mindset where I’m at almost 90% of the time. Middles are defined as people who regress in mindset to ages 10-16. Though the exact age in which a Middle identifies, and how they identify, is completely up to them. For me, I view being a Middle as a place of feeling like a young teenager again. I can have crushes and feel flirty. I watch rom-com’s and wear clothing that is completely kawaii. My Daddy loves seeing me in a Middle mindset because my hazel eyes sparkle with happiness. Although I’m 34, in my mind’s eye, I see my soul as that of a 15 year old. I still believe that there is good in the world. I love a fun adventure. I yearn to meet new people and make friends. I have tons of life chapters left to write. And, most importantly, when I need to shift into my adult head space, moving from a Middle to adult mindset is easier for me to do.

How you express yourself is entirely up to you. Play around with various forms of little space expression to see what you enjoy and what clicks. Nurture your “Little Me” and discover what feels right, and what doesn’t. Knowing who you are as a submissive will better help your dominant guide you. 🙂

Alright, my friends, that’s it for this post. Stay tuned for the next topic! I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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