Day 32 of Little Introspection: How Do You Feel About the Underage Cg/l Community?

Hi Friends!

I looked at today’s question, literally threw my head back and laughed saying, “Ha! Let’s go controversial first thing in the morning!”. That said, let’s dive in. Before I get to my personal opinion of the underage Cg/l community, and why I feel that way, I need to put a disclaimer in this post.

** Disclaimer: I DO NOT in any way encourage, support, or think that minors should be getting involved in kink, Cg/l, or BDSM activities. Obey the law, my sexy friends, it’s there for a reason!** 

Alright, now that we got that out of the way. Let’s move on to the post.

I. Just Because You’re Underage Doesn’t Mean That You Should Be Shunned: 

As stated above, I strongly feel that minors should not be involved in play sessions, D/s relationships, etc. in any way, shape, or form. But will you ever see me slap a sticker on my accounts telling minors that they aren’t allowed to follow me? No. Why? Well, for several reasons. First off, minors are the future of our Cg/l Community. They are at a developmental period where, regardless if we block them or not, they will go out and experiment if they want to. Instead, I would encourage minors to NOT engage in BDSM, but to research and become informed about our lifestyle if they are that interested. Educate instead of alienate.

I completely understand why so many adults block, report, and unfollow minors who subscribe to their pages. As someone who rarely posts NSFW things, I haven’t found it a problem for minors to follow me. Which leads me to my second point. Secondly, we want to promote our lifestyle in a healthy light. When we block minors from seeing content, yes, we are protecting them. But it won’t squash their curiosity. If anything, it will feed into it. Instead, I propose that there be a safe set of resources for minors to read, learn, and discuss with educated, veterans to answer any questions that they have. That way, we aren’t holding a veil over a lifestyle that really is healthy, warm, strong, and deeply enriching. Show them what to expect and look forward to when they become a legal adult!


II. Abstinence Training Really is a Bunch of B.S.: 

As someone who grew up in Georgia, in my school, I remember a teacher standing up there awkwardly with a piece of paper saying to the class, “the safest sex is no sex”. Are you kidding me? No teenager whose body is in overdrive from puberty, and the desire to bump bellies, is going to be sitting there with pen and paper nodding in agreement. No. If anything they will be sitting there letting that “training” go in one ear, and out the other. How do I know? Because I was that teenager! And I was considered, by all things, a “good girl”. Teenagers will want to have sex. It’s natural. They will see social media posts and porn, and think that that’s an accurate depiction of how the Cg/l community and BDSM lifestyle is as a whole.

It’s our job to correct their misconception. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?? On my blog, I am already planning to create free printables aimed at underage minors interested in Cg/l. I want minors to know what S.S.C. and R.A.C.K. means. I want minors to understand why there are laws in place to protect their bodies and heart. I want minors to understand fully what the D/s dynamic is all about, and why it takes years to come to a place where they will be able to safely enter into such a bond. You will never see me sit here and simply say, “You can’t see my content simply because of your age. Don’t think such thoughts!”. That’s just silly.

III. What We Can Do to Help: 

The underage Cg/l community isn’t going to go away. We can block, report, shun, and turn our heads all we want, but the fact remains that there is a population of young people who are yearning to understand our lifestyle. Therefore, I propose that we rise up and educate them to be the best dominants and submissives that they can be when they are of legal age! In the meantime, there are so many things we can do to help educate them on the lifestyle. Host workshops aimed at minors to help give them a more realistic view of what our community is all about. Provide books, printables, and websites that educate, inform, and give them a healthy mindset and view towards age regression. Dive into the psychological side of Cg/l with a minor who is curious, and ask them what it is that makes them yearn to regress. We all have a story.

Emphasize that adolescence is the perfect time for them to be experimenting with their personal identity. They are at an age where there is a thrill to try new experiences. But as veterans of the community, we have to also protect minors from themselves. That is why laws are in place. That is why seasoned dominants and submissives rise up to lovingly encourage minors to slow down, learn, and pace themselves. They are at an age where they can change their mind quickly, and that’s okay too. Educate not alienate. Be warm instead of blocking. Help minors to understand. Guide with a firm but loving hand. Together we really can make a difference towards the future members of the Cg/l community.

Alright my friends, that’s all for this post. Comment and let me know what you think! Do you have any ideas of how you would help underage Cg/l people? I’d love to hear your feedback! Have a wonderful weekend, stay tuned for the next post, and I’ll see you all back here tonight!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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