Why My Daddy Fills the Void of Father’s Day [My Self-Care Journey]

Good Morning Friends!

A very Happy Father’s Day out there to all of the amazing father’s. And a very Happy Daddies Day, to all of the wonderful caregivers of their Littles! 🙂 Today we celebrate YOU! In today’s post, I want to gush with smiles and rainbows, at why my daddy dom (and husband) fills the void that used to be father’s day. I’ve often spoken on here about how little space can be a form of healing for many different reasons. Everyone has their reasons why they regress in age. Personally, I find little space to be a place of mental detachment from the stress of adult life, and a place where my super-kawaii, happy, bubbly self can shine the brightest. But turning our focus to father’s day, having a daddy dom has really changed my viewpoint on the holiday for several reasons. So let’s dive in:


I. Love Comes in Many Forms: 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how much love can be expressed in various ways. When we’re younger, we revolve around the words, “I love you” so much. We feel the need to say those three little words in order to feel validation that we love a person. But when you get older, suddenly love shifts to a verb. An action. We express love through the way we care for others. We spread love anonymously online to complete strangers who are having a hard day. We share our love across the many miles to friends in need, and friends whom we miss.

So, too, do we express our love to our dominant. While my own biological father has his own issues that prevent him from having a relationship with me, my husband steps in daily as my dom to nurture that place of a guiding hand. He strokes my hair and listens to me ramble for hours. He sits with me patiently, helping to organize my thoughts as I’m busy working on another book to publish. Likewise, I reach into my well of emotions and give him love from a place of unconditional loyalty and respect. I make the bed daily and vacuum the floors to make him feel clean and comfortable. I turn the fan on him before he sleeps, and tuck him back in if I wake up in the middle of the night. I watch his eyes light up after I’ve cooked a batch of fried rice and eggs, and I launder his clothes, folding each one so they stay nice and neat. Love comes in all forms, but in our D/s relationship and marriage, it’s a dance of partnership and one that I deeply cherish.

II. Giving Me the Gift Back of Feeling Young Again: 

Today, on father’s day, like many other days, my daddy and I will snuggle up and cherish being a Cg/l couple. One thing that I love to do with him in little space is to revisit old favorites from my childhood. Just last night I was explaining to Daddy what the TV show, “David the Gnome” is. Have you ever heard of it? If you haven’t, you can still find episodes on YouTube to watch. It’s about a gnome, named David, and his friends and family, who live in a woodland and care for the forest animals. As a child who relished watching “Captain Planet”, I loved any show that had an environmental theme. (Now that I think of it, maybe that’s why I love Studio Ghibli movies so much?). We snuggle up in each other’s arms, I, clad in a cute onesie or pajamas, and we sing the theme songs together. I feel young again. His cup of being my Daddy dom and caregiver begins to pour into that void created long ago by my own father. He reassures me that he is there, and that the things that I love are accepted and welcome. It feels deeply satisfying.

But this exchange also goes both ways. As a Little, I get such pleasure out of doing things that I know my Daddy loves too. Ever since he was young he has loved video games. So, in honor of father’s day, last night we stayed up super late gaming into the night. Both on Guild Wars 2, we quested side by side working towards our new Skyscale Dragon mount! We had an absolute blast! I played music (as usual), weaving in techno tracks during boss fights, and picking out songs that I know my daddy loves to hear. By the time I looked over and saw his eyes begin to droop, I smiled with satisfaction at a night spent together happy as a clam. 🙂

III. Two Languages, One Love: 

If you were to meet my daddy and I, you would probably be surprised at how we interact with each other. I am white and my daddy is Filipino. I am as pale as snow, and my daddy is a beautiful cocoa brown. I speak English and my Daddy speaks English and Tagalog. But after 7 wonderful years together we speak in a musical song of Tag-lish. We listen to Phil-Pop and rock out to oldies. We call sandals, tsinelas, and snack on special treats from our local Filipino food market. We turn heads when people act surprised on how knowledgeable my Daddy is about American culture and history. (You would never think he immigrated here. That’s how adapted he is now. 🙂 ). But we share a single love. A bond forged and strengthened with every passing year. We speak gently, softly, and deeply open with each other, in a way that only developed after years of hard work.

We share phrases such as: “kitten, don’t you make me yank your tail!” and “A Da!” to call out to each other in a way that only we know. We hold inside jokes, and laugh at the same stand up comedians. We both love to swim, but prefer to lounge in a hot tub more so. We smirk, sharing half of every entree we buy when going out to eat, just so that we can taste two dishes each time, and both crave a good road trip. He loves Game of Thrones t-shirts, and I love kawaii shirts. We both wish we could be minimalists, but love the convenience of Amazon. We’re two people, two languages, and one love. 🙂

So today, like every other day, we will snuggle up and be close. We will be Daddy and Kitten. Husband and Wife. Or, as we love to say: bad boys for life! ❤

I love you, Daddy. Happy Daddy’s Day!

Forever Yours,

~Kitten xx

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