Day 33 of Little Introspection: Would You Ever Connect with an Underaged Dominant?

Hi Friends!

Today I am absolutely knackered after a rough night of sleep, so bear with me through this post. Read it, take it with a grain of humor, and enjoy. Now let’s dive in. 🙂

I. Come to Professor Mama…. 

To answer this question of the day succinctly, yes I would! Just, not in a D/s relationship. I don’t support minors in kink. However, I would help educate an underaged dominant to become the best person they can be, so that when they are of legal age if they want to enter the community they can do so with a level head. It would be a large undertaking to nurture a minor, especially a dominant, so likely I would connect them to another veteran dominant who has the time and skills to further their knowledge about the psychology of domination.

II. The Word Connection Means Many Things: 

I love the word, connection. Some people assume that having a connection with a person indicates having romantic feelings. But, that isn’t necessarily so. I wouldn’t mind having a connection/friendship/bond with an underaged dominant if it meant having a friend who wanted to learn, grow, and just hang out with me. I would certainly stress my stance of minors not being in the community. But as human beings, I have no problem befriending a person younger than I who has similar interests. 🙂

III. Directing Them to Other Younger Submissives: 

Honestly, the best thing, (besides educating), an underaged dominant that I could do for them, is to help them meet people around their age. I will be 35 this year. I am a parent. I’m happily married. I have bills, a budget, and I have a skincare routine. I can’t eat whatever I want, lest I die hours later from indigestion. And I have little patience for Billie Eilish music. I’m just not cut out mentally to connect with a very young dominant. Maybe there are some people who are, and if that’s you, then God bless you– go at it. 🙂 But me? I just don’t have it in me. Because the moment that they show their immaturity, I know I would turn into Madea and my Southern accent would come roaring out to let them know exactly where I stand. (LOL).

I generally gravitate towards an older man who isn’t afraid to put my strong, Irish, independent personality in check and keep me in line. Now that gets me going! (Side note: does anyone else out there who is 30+ view 18 year olds like children now? Sometimes I see high schoolers milling about in my town and I think, “my gosh…. they’re so young!”). But I digress.

So in short, (mostly because I’m flat exhausted and will definitely be napping today), no, I wouldn’t connect emotionally or sexually with an underaged dominant. Yes, I would educate the heck out of a minor who was interested in D/s because it’s a huge lifestyle choice. That’s my two cents.

Alright, kitten… out! *drops mic*

Much love, friends!

~Kitten xx


  1. Ummm… yeah, I definitely see 18 year olds as children. Then again, I probably see anyone under 21 as children, lol. But, I’m also 10 years older than you, so that probably plays a lot into it.

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    1. Right?! It’s crazy how our perception of things changes as we age. Then again, I love slowly growing older. I’d like to think that with each passing year we all gain a bit more wisdom and insight. 🙂 I loved your comment! Thanks for posting!

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