Day 6: Embracing the Self-Evident [My Self-Care Journey]

Hi Friends!

I love that word: self-evident. It means, the obvious. We hear it most famously in the MLK Jr. speech/line: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. I thought about that line today as I pondered and rested with my cup of tea. The obvious. Things so ingrained that perhaps they are ordinary. But what makes the ordinary, extraordinary is that those little qualities all come together to make a unique, and definable you… and me…. and all of us! 🙂


I’ve been pondering as of late, all of the little things that perhaps I’ve tried to repress. The secrets held within the proverbial closet. Why do we have a closet, or a rug, in which we sweep things under? It’s so cathartic to put it all out there and then deal with the mess afterward. It feels good to lay down our cards, and realize that it’s likely that someone out there in the 6 billion people on earth, has felt exactly as you have. I love transparency. I crave it. In an effort to begin being more authentic, real, and open, I want to share some of these fragments that make up me. Things that I hardly speak about, especially on here. Things that aren’t a part of Little Space, or Cg/l, but instead are a part of “Big Me”. Pieces of me that never get a spotlight, but that I want to shine a light upon today. So, here we go:

  • I’m not sure why I fear telling people that I’m curvy or fat. There is this societal idea that thinner = better. Or that smaller = more fuckable. But if I’m being completely honest, while I wouldn’t mind losing 20 or 30 lbs. I like having a bit of fluff on my hips. I like having an ass that is spank-able in bed. Yes, I’m fat. Fuck me or don’t fuck me. Think I’m hot, or don’t. Love me, or walk away. The choice is yours. But I choose to think I’m sexy and pretty damn awesome. 🙂
  • I prefer small nibbles to large meals. I’m not entirely sure why we started eating three meals a day. Who invented that? Gush to me over canapes, a charcuterie board, or tea time snacks. Gab to me over a morning smoothie or a bowl of fresh, chopped fruit. You have my full attention. I’m all yours.
  • As I age, I wonder about my depth and capacity to love. I don’t fall in love so easily as I did when I was younger. I trust quickly, but reserve love for those who earn it. I speak honestly, from the heart, and with intention. As such, my mind often ponders having a threesome, or a friend with benefits. People “freak out” and worry about talking with me about such things, because I’m married. But I’ve always believed that if all parties are knowledgeable, and on board with the idea, then have fun 🙂 Life is short! You might as well embrace it fully while you can.
  • I believe in the power of human touch. As people we need it. Those that don’t like being touched, frighten me the most. That, and people who hate music. We would never get a long. lol. No, but I’ve always desired to go to a cuddle party. Nothing sexual, just touch and intimacy in its pure, tender, form. To touch another human with compassion and warmth, as you receive that in return. That sounds nice.
  • I wonder if I hired a sex worker for an hour or two, if I would bore them? I’m not sure that I would have sex at all in the session. However, I’d be fascinated to curl up and get to know their mind. What made them get into sex work? I’d want to hear about naughty stories with delicious details. That would be just as satisfying for me. Is that weird?
  • While I am a Little with a creative mind, I’m also a bit of a nerd. Most don’t know it, but I am a huge gamer. In fact, I’m a roleplayer! I’ve been into RP online (in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2) for nearly 10 years. I love adventurous RP as well as erotic roleplay. Oh the stories I could tell you. 🙂
  • I wonder if dominants think that most Littles are cum-hungry sluts? If so, then I might be in trouble. I do love sex…. and cock…. don’t get me wrong. But I hardly walk around with dick on my mind all the time! No, my fantasies are more like clockwork. Is anyone else like that? For the life of me, I don’t know why I get aroused at 2 in the afternoon, and right before bedtime.
  • Men aren’t the only ones who love to have a quick orgasm before they sleep. 😉
  • Speaking of orgasms, whoever invented the vagina (God, Allah, Jehovah, <insert whatever you believe here>), I think they made a bit of a design flaw! Why is the g-spot tucked up in there in the most peculiar spot? And why does squirting feel so good?! I always blush when I come that hard.
  • While we’re on the subject of sex and orgasms…. I’ve never had an orgasm during sex. There, I said it. I’m 34 years old, and I’ve never had that happen. Have I had wonderful partners in my past? Yes. Do I enjoy sex? Absolutely! Have I ever had an orgasm through sex alone without touching my clit during the act? Nope! I have not. If that makes me strange, then I guess I’m a rare bird. ❤ Are there any other rare birds out there?
  • Whoever invited the phrase “thigh gap” needs a serious reality check. Most people don’t have a thigh gap. Being so tiny that you do have a thigh gap is usually unhealthy. Food is a part of every culture, holiday, and walk of life. I think I’d much prefer tea time nibbles and some thick thighs, versus a thigh gap. K thx bai!
  • Dear fashion designers, not every woman wants to wear a bikini. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about body positivity. But is there a way for you to create fashionable, yet modest swim attire for people like me who doesn’t want the whole beach to see their coochie and rolls? If so, it would be much appreciated.
  • Dear America, having a female for president really isn’t that scary. Besides, most female candidates are probably post-menopausal, which means we can be just as badass as men. So let’s give up our patriarchal views for a moment and vote a woman in office for 2020, okay?
  • Foreplay really is the spice of life. Everyone deserves to be seduced at least once in their lifetime.
  • If you’re still reading this by now, I love you. You’re awesome. And I’m so glad you’re here.

That’s it for this post, my friends. Stay tuned for the next topic! Have a wonderful rest of the day, and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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