It’s T.M.I. Tuesday Again!

Hi Friends!

We’re back with another T.M.I. Tuesday again. I just love taking part in this fun activity and writing prompt collaboration. It’s so interesting to read the other bloggers who also answer these weekly questions. So, please head on over to the T.M.I. Tuesday blog to either take part and join in the fun, or to check out the other bloggers there! 🙂 That said, let’s dive into this week’s prompts:


1. Love is made of many components. What are your top three components of love?

Honesty, open communication, and loyalty. I feel like my husband and I have worked so hard to establish these three things together. But regardless if it’s the love in my marriage, or the love I have with a friend, these three things must be present. Things always have to be honest and forthcoming. There has to be open communication where both parties understand what’s going on and are on the same page, and we have to have each others back.

2. For you what is good sex, and what is great sex?

Good sex is having an orgasm that leaves you smiling. Great sex is sex that is so good that it nearly moves you to tears. It’s emotional, spiritual, and physical all at the same time. The level of intimacy and care taken in the moment is deep and enriching. It’s as though time slows and nothing enters your mind during the moment. It’s just that good. ❤

3. In long-term unions do you:
a. expect love to grow over time as the union unfolds?
b. need to have immediate attraction, infatuation, and feelings or excitement in order to enter into a long-term union?

I tend to be the type of person who rushes in first, figures out if there is a true attraction or if it’s just lust, and then slows down to make the relationship work. Perhaps it’s not the best “getting to know you” strategy (LOL), but I’m just being honest about who I am. 🙂 In terms of love, I honestly didn’t know what real, unconditional love was until I met my husband. I had been with partners in the past where I thought it was love, but there were unhealthy issues present to the point where eventually the relationship just broke down. There were things in myself that I needed to work on to be the best me that I can be. With my husband, our love grew from our friendship first, and I honestly believe that because it stemmed from mutual respect and admiration prior to being in love, that it’s healthier and stronger than ever.

4. You are away on your dream vacation…
– Are you alone or with someone? Who?
– Do you want to have a hookup with a sexy stranger? Is the sexy stranger female, male, gender-fluid, bi-gender, transgender?
– Would you rather spend all day doing your favorite vacation activity OR spend all night having kinky sex?

Definitely away on vacation with my hubby! Likely we’d be jetting off to the U.K. or Ireland. Knowing how kinky him and I are, I think we would be down to incorporate a trusting third person into a night of kinky fun. But overall the vacation would likely be sightseeing and enjoying really good food together ❤ .

5. Is hot, steamy, all your wildest fantasies come true sex more likely to happen with your current lover or a sexy, no-strings attached stranger?

Current lover!

Bonus: Describe your hot, steamy all your wildest fantasies come true sex?

I want to have Daddy sitting in a chair across the room, as another man fucks me. I look over and gaze into his eyes, seeing how aroused it makes him to have another man take me right there. And I feel like the naughty, kinky girl that I am the entire time. Then, with cum dripping from my slit, Daddy would come over after the guy and I had finished, and reclaim me by making love and pushing his own cum into me. Mmpf! 🙂 That would be hot. ❤


  1. I agree completely with your components of love, and it’s funny, if I had a choice of vacation spots it would definitely be Ireland and the UK. I’ve never been to either of those places and both have been on my bucket list for quite some time. Damn hot wildest fantasy too!

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    1. Hehe great comment, AC and thank you! *winks* I love reading your poetry. You’re so talented! Yes, the U.K. and Ireland would be breathtaking so explore and find little hidden gems away from the tourist attractions. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AC, I have no idea why my comments are messing up when I go to comment on other blogs. But just in case you don’t get my comment that I left on “The Mandolin”, what a hot and beautifully written piece! Well done! ❤

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      2. Thank you for telling me! I went and checked. Somehow it ended up in my spam. But, I fixed it now. WP can be a pain like that sometimes.

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