Day 36 of Little Introspection: Who is a Little That You Look Up To? [Please View the Video!]

Good Morning Friends,

I’m sitting here curled up with my morning cup of tea. My limbs feel heavy as I write this post to you. I didn’t sleep well. Perhaps, because I knew the content of today’s post was going to be heavy? Today I’d like to talk to you about Little Moo Moo and Papa Jhon, because she (and they) are the Little and dominant that I look up to. In the world of Cg/l there are tons of names and faces that you’ll see all around social media. Shortly after discovering my desire to be a Little, I stumbled across Little Moo Moo’s channel on YouTube. There were a few things that set her apart from the pack right from the start: she’s African American, she doesn’t smoke, drink, or cuss, and she keeps her videos so real and authentic.

Admittedly as time went by, I deviated away from watching Littles on YouTube as I began to find my own identity. This was why it was all the more devastating when I circled back around the other day to check in on Little Moo Moo’s channel and see how she and her Daddy were doing. My eyes bulged as I watched their latest video.

Papa Jhon is dying.

“What??” I thought in bewilderment. I had watched their videos of meeting after 2 years as a long distance couple! I had watched their videos of him landing a job after moving from Florida to Texas. I had watched them open their first fan mail together, and the sparkle in their eyes at seeing their fans show them love and support as a couple. And now… he’s dying?? Here is the video for you to watch for yourself:

We’ve all lost someone close to us, and if you haven’t, then count your lucky stars. All night I wrestled with the thought of thinking about how Little Moo Moo is feeling. As a sub, I would be beyond devastated if someone told me that my Daddy had 500 days to live. So, when I’m feeling down, or sad, I try to turn that sorrow into determination, which is why I’m posting their story.

This lovely couple is one of our own, and they need our help!

I will be donating to help try and give Papa Jhon a fighting chance, and I’d like to leave their donation info for you to do the same, if it’s possible. Even if you send them a message of love and support, any little bit helps. Let’s show them that the Cg/l Community does rally together to take care of each other. Give your loved ones an extra squeeze today. Reach out to friends and tell them how much you care. Spread love today, and don’t wait, because time waits for no one.

That said, I love YOU, my dear friends, and hope that you have a beautiful Thursday! Stay tuned for the next post, and I’ll see you all back here tonight!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

Little Moo Moo & Papa Jhon’s Donation Info. 

Their Patreon Page:


Cash App: $Littlemoomoo

Venmo: @PapaJhonny

Zelle: (4 o’s then 3 o’s)


    1. Thank you, AC. You know, I don’t personally know Papa Jhon and Little Moo Moo, but I was so moved by their video that I felt like I just had to do something. Does that make sense? We’re all creatures living on this big, beautiful planet. If we don’t help one another, then how are we spending our time? ❤ I hope you're having a beautiful day, my friend!

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  1. Oh my
    That certainly puts things into perspective doesn’t it.
    Always someone in a far worse, a situation, than your own.

    I take it for granted, that we have FREE HEALTHCARE
    (details taxed aren’t important)
    Treatment isn’t based on contribution.

    I honestly can not imagine,
    how you deal with not being able to afford Meds and treatment.
    On top of what they are already going through.

    You have such a good heart
    Thank you for sharing
    Love & Hugs

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    1. My Dear Bittersweet,

      If there was one thing I could change in this country (among many!) it would be the lack of nation-wide healthcare. I’ll tell you a short story to really put this post in perspective to you, and why it hit home for me so much. Once upon a time, when I was in my early 20’s, I was in a very, VERY different point in my life. I had been kicked out at 18 years old, got a minimum wage job, and was just making enough from my job to feed myself and rent a single bedroom from an elderly woman. Yet, I still couldn’t afford the co-pays needed to go to the doctor, let alone purchase over the counter medicine from the pharmacy.

      Common colds became frightening. You learn to push through and work even when you’re really sick because… what else can you do? If you don’t work, you can’t pay rent, and then you suddenly become homeless. I eventually turned to food stamps for several years just so that I could eat something other than cheap snacks, and pull myself up out of the trenches.

      When I saw Papa Jhon and Little Moo Moo’s video, I cried. They were discussing how they don’t have the money for medicine and treatment to help fight his Type I. Diabetes. While there are programs and free clinics here in the U.S. the lines are lengthy and the treatment is poor. Never mind if you need surgery. If it’s life threatening, they won’t turn you away, but you become buried in medical debt. It’s a horrible problem here in the U.S. 😦

      Thank you for such a beautiful comment ❤ Love and hugs right back to you, my friend!
      Much love,
      Kitten xx


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