Day 40 of Little Introspection: How Do You Think You’ve Changed Since You First Became a Little?

Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a lovely evening. Tonight I’m reflecting back on my journey since I first became a Little. What a long, and strange trip it’s been! (Bonus points if you know that World of Warcraft reference 😉 ). Since I discovered my Little side several years ago, I have worked so hard and diligently to unearth the pieces of me that are authentic, and comprise my inner little. Here are a few ways that I’ve changed over time:

I. I Can “Flip the Switch” and Go Into Little Space Quickly: 

I used to have a difficult time entering the little mindset when I first began on this journey of self-exploration. I had it in my mind that I needed to wear DDLG clothing, and to have an environment around me to “spark” my little side. While these items do enhance the experience, I don’t have to have them to slip into little space now. All one needs to do is ask, “Kitten, how old are you?”. Like a light switch, I will lift my hand, grin from ear to ear, and proudly declare, “I’m five!”. That’s all it takes, really. When a dominant treats me like a Little I can easily enter the mindset. My eyes grow wider, more innocent, and my mind stills. In little space, I simply be. It’s very relaxing.

II. I Know What I Need From a Dominant: 

This is probably the largest change in me overall. At the start of my journey I didn’t know that my personality couldn’t handle being with a Master. While I do have a masochistic side to me, I need my daily snuggles, hand holding, and to be nurtured in order to feel in balance. I’m one of those people who thrives on being very touchy-feely. Intimacy is extremely high on my list of needs. That said, now I’m able to be forthcoming to potential play partners and dominants to articulate my list of needs. I can explain my hard and soft limits, and why I feel the way I do. Do I still blush a lot when discussing sex? Oh, absolutely. I don’t think that will ever change. But at least now I can get it out in the open without fear of judgment.


III. I’m Open About My Mental Health: 

In my previous D/s relationship, I was so worried about telling my dom that I had anxiety. I didn’t want to burden him with the thought of having to take extra care when doing things with me. But what I learned over time is, dominants need to know if you have a mental health issue. They will feel thankful if you discuss your limitations, and what kinds of triggers set you off. If you’re terrified of big cities, say so! If riding in an elevator makes you a bit uneasy, speak up. If you’re having a bout of nerves because the irrational thoughts are clouding your mind, let your dom know. They will (or should) want to help you work through those feelings and help ease your fears. You shouldn’t have to walk the path alone. That is why we have a dominant, a leader and guide, in the first place. Now, I put my anxiety at the forefront of most conversations. I let people know what kinds of triggers I have, and hope that they will be mindful of them as we move through life together.

IV. Finding Your Own Little Style: 

The last point I want to touch on has to do with fashion and makeup. (Let’s end this post on a high, eh? 😉 ). While I do have a bunch of cute onesies that I enjoy slipping into during play sessions, most of the time I’m wearing cute clothing that makes me feel pretty. I slip on a pair of cat ears and suddenly I feel transformed into “little me”. It took me quite a while to embrace the girly side of myself, while still being an adult. I yearned to find clothing that was cute and whimsical, all while still being adult enough to wear out and about without turning a bunch of heads. Thankfully, I live in the most liberal state in America, so the odds of people turning their heads here is minimal. Still, I try not to attract too much attention from vanilla peeps if I can help it lol.

Play around with fashion and make up. Find a style that feels comfortable for your body, and makes you feel small. Enjoy the process, because discovering your identity as a Little is a wonderful, important step that everyone in the community should take. Make this moment yours.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button and let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful night, stay tuned for the next topic, and I will see you all back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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