Let’s Talk About Texting… [Story Time]

Hi Friends!

Earlier today I had the best conversation with someone close to me about texting and how it’s so difficult to infer emotion via text. Have you ever had a moment where a person has said one thing, but your brain interpreted it as another? In this post I want to share with you 10 phrases that are totally trigger words or phrases for me. All of these I’ve experienced before, and maybe you can relate too! Now, let’s dive in:


  • I’m Good: Whenever I ask someone, “how are you?” and they reply, “I’m good” or just “good” I literally feel my eyeball twitch. Good? Good is the most generic reply on the planet! I mean, certainly a person can be good. But I am looking for depth. I want details. I want to truly know how you’re feeling! Do you ever feel that way when someone just says, “good”? I swear it will make any semblance of a conversation end full stop.
  • Catch You Later: Whenever a guy has said “catch you later” to me, I automatically get turned off. Catch you later! Who invented that phrase? First off, we aren’t catching anything. Secondly, I am a woman who thrives on schedules. “Later” doesn’t even begin to indicate when you’re going to communicate back with me. *sighs* so frustrating. lol.
  • Good Luck With That: Oh, how this phrase irks me to my core. If you’re going to text someone “good luck”, please be sure to include a message of warmth to indicate to the person that you genuinely care. For example: Good luck on your A levels! I know you will pass them with flying colors! Or, good luck on your driving test! I can’t wait to ride around in the car with you! You put a message to indicate what you’re wishing good luck about. Simply saying “good luck with that” isn’t enough. You might as well say: “Yeah I don’t give a S**t”.
  • Awww… I’m sorry you feel that way: Come, come my fellow white brethren because this time I’m talking to you. Oh yes, I’m serious. Culturally, Caucasians are notorious for using phrases to be polite in public. Is it a bad thing? Well, no. But certain phrases just don’t help a situation, including this one. For example: If your friend says, “I’m crying so hard right now” and you text back, “Aww I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry you feel that way” it doesn’t help. Why are you sorry? How about instead you say, “I wish I was there to give you a hug!” or “Awww what’s wrong? Talk to me!”. Write a message to indicate that you care, versus using a phrase to fill in the gap where you are unsure of what to say. Empathy people, empathy!
  • Sure: Would you like to hear a new song? Sure. Do you want to go out to eat? Sure. Do you want out of this relationship? Sure. Do you think I want to strangle you right now because you’re giving me the most non-committal answer ever?? ….. Sure. (lol). Do you see my point here? Sure doesn’t indicate that you have a strong opinion. It simply is agreement or acquiescence. Instead of saying “sure” to something, think about how you feel and insert your actual opinion. Even if you don’t care, it’s better to say, “You know…. I honestly don’t care!” versus a simple “sure”.
  • I Could Be: You can’t see it right now but I nearly raised my fists in the air to this one. This phrase is in the same vain as “sure”. I could be…. but I might not be…. but perhaps I might want to…. so I could be in the end. WHAT??? All I wanted to know was if you’re hungry!!! And you tell me, “I could be”. My brain literally goes, “O.O ?!” when this happens. But I digress.
  • Nothing: Gentleman listen up! If your woman ever says “nothing” when you ask her what’s wrong…. something is definitely wrong! For years, I too, fell into the habit of saying “nothing” when someone would ask me what’s bothering me. Why? Hell, if I know. But in truth it’s a pretty silly thing to say. You don’t communicate your feelings. You make your partner deeply frustrated because they can’t help you. And whatever problem you have doesn’t get fixed because you won’t talk about it in the first place! So, no. It isn’t “nothing”. It’s definitely something!
  • Okay/Ok.: This word is so commonly used, and there’s nothing wrong with saying okay. However, I would encourage you to tack on an emoji if you’re only going to use the word okay as a reply. Think about this for a moment. If you asked: Would you like to come over for dinner? And I simply texted back: ok. With nothing else… no emoji to indicate emotion…. no asking if I should bring over an appetizer or dessert…. or even inquiring about the time of plans… what does that “ok.” tell you? It would appear that I don’t care about coming over, right? So plan to use an emoji if you say: okay 🙂 and you’ll be well on your way to a smoother conversation.
  • Are you sure?: Oh I hate it when people ask me, “Are you sure?”. Because instantly I think, “Well, hell….. I was sure 10 seconds ago…. but now I’m second guessing myself!”. I think it comes down to a basic act of trust. Obviously, if someone is about to do something reckless, speak up! Instead of saying, “are you sure?” which obviously means you have doubts about their decision, tell them what’s on your mind. Explain your reservation or doubt and show them another perspective. Don’t use “are you sure?” to convey your emotions because it just isn’t clear.
  • Cya: Now, I’m not a grammar nazi. I don’t go around smacking snouts when someone uses “brb” or “afk” or another acronym to shorten their text speech. But there’s something about “cya” that is so impersonal to me. First off, it literally means, “see you”. See you when? See you later? See you tomorrow? See you never? I always interpret “cya” as “fuck off”. I don’t know… maybe that’s just me.

What phrases have you heard from people in text that really set you off? Comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 That’s it from me for this post my friends. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Have a wonderful night, and I will see you all back here on the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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