“Peaches & Pineapples” [Fiction Writing, Part 6]

Chapter 6:

“Professor Constantine?” I chirped, poking my head into his office. He glanced up from a stack of paperwork on his desk, eyes peering at me over his bifocals. “Sara! Please come in” he gestured to the chairs across from the table. My heart thumped in my chest. Professor Constantine usually ran volunteer groups that went out from the university to help out in the community. I so desperately wanted to tell him about my impromptu trip into the barrio. Sliding into the leather chair, I sat up straight and took a deep breath. “Have you thought any more about minoring in Anthropology?” he asked. I exhaled, caught off guard as my brain switched gears quickly. “Oh, uh—not yet” I admitted, “But I—“. He set down his glasses and stood up rounding his desk to stand before me. Arms folded across his chest he leaned back on the desk’s edge and peered down at me. My soft, hazel eyes looked up with curious wonder at the professor. <Why is he so intent on me joining his department?> I pondered to myself. His eyes looked over me for a moment before he cleared his throat. “Have you spoken with the financial aid office?” he asked, listening intently.

“Not yet” I admitted and my shoulders slumped. I had been so busy, hardly sleeping in between cramming for tests that I barely had time to eat, much less talk to the financial aid office. Frowning down at me I watched his brow furrow. “Come look at this” he said and moved back to the chair behind his desk. I stood, rounding the desk to stand next to him. I looked down at the stack of papers, seeing research papers written by his students. He lifted one to the top of the stack and inched it towards me. “Have a look at that” he said, “Tell me what you think of it”. My fingers grasped at the paper pulling it towards me and I pressed myself lightly against the desk, bending over slightly as I began to read. Silence filled the tiny space of the office as I stood there skimming over the words on the page. My mind fell into the research paper discussing the merits of sending more teams out into the Ilocos region to excavate artifacts of the few remaining tribes of the Philippines. The professor’s sleeve brushed lightly against my thigh as we held still, me reading, and him studying me intently.

Feeling the fabric, I blushed to myself and inched ever so slightly away from embarrassment. <Such tight quarters…> I thought to myself. “This student has quite the compelling argument” he said, rising from his chair to stand next to me. He towered over me; his body lightly pressed against mine as he leaned in to read the paper with me. Not daring to move or offend him, I nodded, stammering as I spoke slowly. “I, um… agree. It would seem….” I said swallowing hard. I could smell his cologne from the closeness of our bodies, and could feel the warmth of his skin upon mine. “Yes?” he purred softer now. Catching his tone, I glanced up and saw him staring down at my face. My cheeks blushed hard almost instantly. “You were saying, Miss Lane?” he smirked, coaxing me to continue with my thoughts. My mind was drawing a blank. I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. Slowly my body turned to face his, as he did the same. One of his large hands suddenly cupped my waist and he leaned in, giving me a light kiss.

For a moment, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I felt the tickle of his mustache against my face. Just as soon as our lips touched, did he pull back smirking. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I didn’t know if I should be mortified, angry, or aroused! “In this student’s argument” he said smoothly, pointing down to the paper again, “they are advising that we send out two squads to two potential excavation sites. One in Vigan, and the other just North of Laoag City”. <We kissed….> my brain thought repeatedly, <Professor Constantine kissed me!>. I blinked, slowly turning my body back to the paper as I felt his hand move to the small of my back, as if guiding me gently back into the fold of our conversation. “Vigan” I muttered, “right”. I couldn’t shake the kiss from my mind. “I’m going to bring this proposal to the board” he continued, his hand smoothing down my skirt as it slid over my bum and finally off of my body, “and if they approve, I’d like you on my team”. I blinked at him in shock!

“Pardon?” I muttered stunned. <He wants… what?!> I thought. With a wave of his hand dismissively he returned to his chair and began sorting through papers. My body automatically moved around the desk to grab my things. “I’ll let you know what the board decides” he said without looking up. “O… kay” I whispered, still blushing from our shared moment. “Oh, and Miss Lane” he added in a tone that stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned, my eyes finally lifting to meet his. I watched him slide off his glasses, giving me a hint of a sly smirk. “Don’t forget to talk to financial aid” he winked. I nodded, cheeks hot with intense emotion as I willed my legs to turn and leave his office. Once in the hallway I began walking away with a brisk stride, ignoring the wetness that was soaking my panties….


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