Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner [FREE Printable!]

Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a great day. I am so excited to be back with this fun printable! Today’s printable was inspired after I pondered the “getting to know you” process between a dominant and submissive. Getting to know a potential partner can be exciting, nerve-racking, and intriguing. As you inch ever closer to your mate you ask all kinds of questions. (At least I do!). You shift from, “what is your favorite food?” to “what morals and values would you say that you live by?”. The questions grow ever deeper. If sex is a part of the equation then you REALLY begin to ask questions with each other. (Or at least I hope you do!). 😉 Which leads me to today’s printable.


** A quick note: if you are in the beginning stages of your D/s relationship, congratulations! Please check out my other FREE printables to enjoy documents created especially for Cg/l couples. **

I. Safety First: 

The first part of this printable is all about safety questions. There are many things you will want to know about your partner before you enter the bedroom together. (And I’m not talking about how many partners they’ve had!). As a D/s couple you will want to know if they understand what R.A.C.K. and S.S.C. mean. You will want to know when the last time they had an STD test is, and so on. This section deals with questions of that nature.

II. Body Care/Hygiene: 

Now you might be thinking, “obviously my partner showers. What more do I need to know?”. But did you know that there are many kinks surrounding hygiene and body care? You will want to know if your partner prefers their partner shaved, au natural, or trimmed. You will want to know if there are certain scents that turn them on (or off!). These questions dive into the hygiene and preparation before foreplay ever begins.

III. Mental Health: 

Sex is just as much an emotional act as it is a physical one, and that is why this section of the printable is quite thorough. You will want to know how your partner feels in bed emotionally. You will want to know if they enjoy quickies, or if it emotionally impacts them in any way. You will want to know if they have emotional insecurities (as most people do!) when it comes to foreplay and sex. If there are any mental health issues, you’ll want to discuss those too (at length) prior to becoming intimate together. Do your homework ahead of time and you two will be good to go! 😉

IV. Physical Acts and Questions: 

The next section includes questions about physical acts that commonly occur during sex. Does your partner like to give or receive a massage? Do they enjoy oral sex? You will want to know these answers well ahead of time so that you can have an idea of how to gauge your play session together. Some other questions in this section cover: anal sex, wearing lingerie, watching porn together, rough sex, and impact play. Ask these questions to each other and make note of your partner’s answers. Knowledge is power, my friends!

V. Cg/l Specific Questions: 

The last section of this document deals specifically with Cg/l related questions. If you or your partner is interested in age play, incorporating Cg/l in the bedroom in any way, then you will want to know. Learn and discover more about the sexual side of being a Little by asking these questions with your partner and then discuss your answers together.

I hope you all enjoy this printable and make many happy memories with your partner! Sending you so much love today, and everyday, and stay tuned for the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

To get your FREE printable, “Intimate Questions For You and Your Partner” click here. 


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