T.M.I. Tuesday- July 9th, 2019


Hi Friends!

We’re back with another T.M.I. Tuesday! Soooo here we go!

1. Have you ever sent an intimate photo of yourself on accident to the wrong person?

LOL, no. While I love taking naughty pictures (and occasionally a video or two), I make sure that if it ever gets sent that I check twice before pushing send. 😉

2. Which of these is a caring gesture you would appreciate?
a. Lover pre-heats or pre-cools your car before you drive off to work.
b. Lover initiates or consents to a sex act you’ve been wanting to try.
c. Lover surprises you with a mini vacation or getaway.

C! Take me for a mini-vacation or a getaway any day of the week. I think it would be SO much fun to be surprised with a surprise trip somewhere. Or even just a date outing to a nice place that I’ve been wanting to go. That sounds like so much fun. 🙂

3. Office romances–hot or not?

Absolutely not. When I was much younger (think 18 years old), I did hook up with a co-worker. It got weird when everything fizzled. Don’t kiss and work together. It’s just too close. Let work be work, and your personal life be your personal life.

4. To find a romantic mate would you rather use an online dating site or a matchmaker?

Online dating site. I just love the convenience of connecting online. Obviously you have to then take it to real life to see if you two will actually work. But, I prefer beginning online.

5. Think about this. In a current relationship (e.g., romantic, friendship), are you clinging to past good times and memories or are you still having good times and making new happy memories? What relationship, if any, is it time to let go of?

I’m the type of person that is constantly looking to make new, happy memories with those I love. I enjoy diving into life and talking together for hours. That said, I have been in a past relationship where it was just slowly dying. That was incredibly hard. You keep looking back, remembering what it was like at the very start and wondering what went wrong. But eventually you come to a place where the good times were so long ago that you have no choice but to move on. It’s at that point that you have to let go, and make space in your life for new connections to form.

Bonus: Have you (or your relationship) survived infidelity?

No. In past relationships where infidelity was involved, they did not survive. That said, I also have a different viewpoint on “cheating”. I think that “cheating” only happens when the relationship has long been miserable. Usually communication has broken down significantly, and instead of talking through things and making hard decisions, a partner (or sometimes both) will go off and seek new connections. In a way, I understand it because as humans we all crave love and the touch of someone who accepts us completely. On the other hand, I am at a place in my life where I tell my husband everything that I am feeling (and visa versa of course). As such, if we want a “hall pass” or we yearn to form a connection with someone else, that may or may not include intimacy, we discuss it at length well before we ever do anything. That way all parties are in consent and feel comfortable moving forward together. 🙂 There would never be a need to “cheat”.

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