Day 49 of Little Introspection: Are There Certain Stereotypes Within the Cg/l Community?

Hi Friends!

It feels good to be back here to write after such a long day. Thank you all for being here to stick around, read these posts, and to show your love and support. 🙂 It means so much to me. Tonight I want to discuss stereotypes within the Cg/l Community. It’s easy to lump people under labels such as: adult babies (A.B.’s), littles, middles, brats, babygirls, etc. but the truth of the matter is, just because a little acts a certain way doesn’t mean that they accurately fit a certain label or stereotype. Judge a person based upon who they are. Then you’ll find out what kind of person they are inside. That said, let’s dive into tonight’s post to learn about common stereotypes in our community:

I. Kinky Sluts: 

Hop on any social media platform and type in “ddlg” and you’re bound to get bombarded with video clips, pictures, and posts of littles begging to be fucked. If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen a picture of boobs or a penis on Twitter alone… I could probably take myself on vacation. That’s a lot of boobs. But there is a common misconception that every little is a kinky slut. Well… newsflash, my dear friends: that is absolutely not the case. I like to use the analogy of a bullhorn in a crowd. The people who are into Cg/l as a kink (or for sexual arousal) are the people with bullhorns. They are showing clips and posting tweets begging for a sugar daddy or to be taken. And if that’s your thing, then honey, do you. 😉

But there is also a large number of littles (myself included) who regress for reasons outside of the kink lifestyle. We yearn to go little because it’s a part of our personality. We enjoy being in the little head space. That may or may not include age play. (That’s a matter of personal choice). But are we all kinky sluts wanting to have every daddy or mommy we see? Nope! Not even close. 🙂

II. Babies in Diapers: 

When I meet new dominants usually the first thing they ask me is, do I like to wear onesies and do I wear diapers. To which I reply, “yes, I have onesies but I only wear them for play sessions” and “no, I don’t wear diapers because I’m not an adult baby. I’m a hybrid little!”. Then the conversation dives into the various sub-paths of submission under B.D.S.M. But I digress.

Often times people will assume that because we are littles, we all mimic the adult babies who have large followings on YouTube. Again, this is a common misconception. How a little regresses and what a persons little space looks like is entirely unique. Some prefer bottles, while others prefer sippy cups. Some littles like pacifiers, while others do not. Some littles enjoy diapers, while others prefer cute panties. It’s just unique to the individual. Even within the A.B. community, there are plenty of adult babies who are adult babies but do not wear diapers. And there are people who identify as A.B.D.L. or adult baby diaper lovers.

III. Littles Are Clingy: 

I suppose this personality trait is unique to the individual, but after meeting many, many littles out there…. I can say that a lot of us are quite clingy to our dominant. If you think about a young child, it is normal for them to be emotionally bonded to their caregiver. So, too is it the same with a little to their dominant. We love being with them. We crave their attention and feel over the moon giddy when they praise us for our hard work or for being well behaved. Some littles do struggle with separation anxiety, and might need more frequent contact or a special message every so often to feel reassurance from their dominant (especially if they are in an L.D.R.).

I’d like to mention that many littles have discussed feeling guilt for being clingy to their daddy or mommy. While I’ve felt that way too, I would encourage you to be kind to yourself and try to push away from those feelings of guilt. Littles are clingy because we love our dominant fiercely. There is a common theme that Littles DO NOT share their dominant well with other submissives. Some forms of submission are better suited for harems, but Cg/l is not one of them. Generally speaking, most Cg/l couples are monogamous, closed bonds that are extremely deep rooted.

IV. Littles Are the “Fluffiest” Form of Submission: 

I once read in a book that Littles are the type of people who prefer to not wear a collar, or have any sort of formal ceremony to mark their submission. I outwardly laughed when I read that paragraph, because every Little I’ve ever met absolutely loves wearing a collar! And why wouldn’t you? It’s the ultimate piece of jewelry to demonstrate that you’re taken. Littles are commonly misunderstood as not being as “serious” as other forms of submission (for example: a slave, kajira, etc.) but there are many Littles who prove this otherwise. Every Little has their own kinks, fetishes, fantasies, and interests. There are plenty of Littles who love to experiment with impact play (S&M) and other forms of pain play.

There are Littles who enjoy experimenting with pet play and incorporate other forms of role play in their little space. Age regression is merely one component of submission, and how a submissive chooses to express their self is entirely up to them. Littles aren’t “fluffy”. We aren’t lesser than any other form of submission. The route of Cg/l isn’t any easier than a M/s dynamic or a M/kajira, etc. All forms of submission are valid, special, and equal. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did hit that like button and let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful night and I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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