Cg/l Bracelets for Cheap! [Product Promotion]

Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing with you a new Little product that I am so excited to talk about: Cg/l bracelets! I first came across the company, Charmed Little Life, when my fellow Little blogger, Rebella of The Adventures of Little Panda, bought one too and mentioned it on her blog. Instantly I saw her bracelet and thought, “ZOMG cuuuute!!” (because that is how, us Littles, think… we think in squeals). Then I hopped over to the Charmed Little Life website and wouldn’t you know it, but all of the bracelets were priced at $3 USD!! What a bargain!! Now, you know how I always preach that kink apparel is costly, and it certainly can be. So, when I find a store that is both cute and affordable, I simply have to share it here with you.


I hope you all go and check out the Charmed Little Life shop. Show them some love and support! These bracelets are really well made and I am totally in heaven!


As the shop declares: These bracelets are for the young at heart!

Much love and happy shopping, my friends!

~Kitten xx

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