Learning to Cope with Stress [My Self Care Journey]

Hi Friends!

This afternoon I felt like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon of stress. All day my head was clouded with thoughts. Only this time, I coped with them well. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! My name is Kitten, and I write about being a Little, as well as many adult topics including depression and anxiety. I wanted to share tonight’s thoughts because I think it’s important that we acknowledge the little victories we have in the battle against mental health. Tonight, I had a little victory: I successfully coped with a deep amount of stress in a healthy way.


I. Turning Away From Triggers: 

I have been an emotional eater for as long as I can remember. It’s a bad habit and one that I’m still trying to fully break. Today was the perfect storm for me to eat and binge on calories. I was feeling stressed. My anxiety flared up with irrational thoughts. I felt like a hiker standing on the precipice of a very familiar cliff, looking down into a pit of slat-laden snacks. Oh, how I wanted to consume them! I could taste them on my tongue. And yet, I took a moment of pause. The tiny voice of hope and reason inside of me, that is usually drowned out in times like these, was loud enough for me to hear it. “Don’t do it” it whispered, “don’t you dare!”. I took a step back. And then another. I turned away from the food knowing that it would never satiate my intrusive thoughts. I laced up my sneakers and I began to walk.

“I can do this” I thought, hoping to cheer myself up. The fatigue of stress began to sink in but I had leaped over the first hurtle. I didn’t give in to my triggers. It’s so easy to give in to our bad habits when we’re feeling low, isn’t it? We want that temporary relief because to do the “right thing” is actually quite difficult! But I’m really proud of myself. I turned away from the cupboards and began to question why these feelings were bubbling up.

II. Rest When You Need to Rest: 

With my daily chores done, my body exhausted, and the family settled, it was time to burrow. Crawling into my bed, I yanked the covers up to my chin. “Sleep” I told my mind, and damn did it feel good! Sometimes it’s okay to need to power nap. It’s okay to shut down and literally block everything out for a little while. We need a moment to recharge our batteries. I knew that with a little nap, I would wake up feeling like a happier, and more centered me. As my eyes peeled open, I felt a small sense of hope. My brain felt optimistic. I felt in control, all because I had given myself just a tiny bit of rest to press on.

III. Give Thanks for Your Loved Ones: 

When I’m having a rough day, those closest to me know it. I’m not really snappy, so much as I am vocal about dealing with the stress. I reach out to my loved ones for support and encouragement. Just a simple text letting me know that they love me and that they care, is enough to pep me back up and renew my fighting spirit. 🙂 I encourage you to talk to the people you trust the most when you’re feeling down. Everybody needs somebody. I feel thankful to have a tiny circle of people that I love in my life. It’s a blessing that I wouldn’t change for the world. ❤ Never forget to stop and count your blessings, my friends.

IV. Other Stress Coping Techniques: 

I want to wrap this up with a few more strategies that have been proven to help me time and time again when I’m feeling mega stressed out. I hope these help you too!

  • Meditation- I love the Headspace App
  • Blogging out my feelings
  • Positive self talk- remind yourself that tomorrow is always a new day. Things aren’t usually as bad as you think they are, and that there is always a way to solve your problems. ❤
  • Exercise- go out and take a walk. Fresh air does wonders for your mental health.
  • Stay hydrated- drink LOTS of water. Your body will thank you.
  • Take a nap. Sleep is very restorative.
  • Masturbate- Yes, it might sound silly, but a little “release” really does relax you from head to toe.
  • Regulate your body temperature- Do what you need to do to unwind and get your body feeling comfy. Take a shower. Turn on the heat dish or the fan (depending upon your preferences).
  • Make a treat for yourself- For me, that’s tea time. Treat yourself to something you really, really enjoy. Soak in the moment with mindfulness meditation.
  • Doodle out your thoughts. Sometimes it’s nice to sketch out your thoughts that will help you resolve your source of stress.
  • Spread love- when you’re feeling down, it’s always great to lift someone else up. It feels really good inside. ❤

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! Stay tuned for more topics here. Stay kind to one another, and I will see you all back here in the morning.

Much love

~Kitten xx


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