T.M.I. Tuesday- July 23rd, 2019


Hi Friends!

We’re back with another T.M.I. Tuesday. If you’re a fellow blogger and are curious about jumping on the bandwagon, hop on over to the T.M.I. Tuesday Blog to join in the questions and have some fun! πŸ™‚ Now, let’s dive in.

Much love,

~Kitten xx

1. Why are you single?

I’m not single. πŸ™‚ I’m happily married. But I find it interesting how we place labels on ourselves as “single”, “taken”, or otherwise. Now, at this point in my life, while I am happily married, I like to view myself as an individual who chooses to come together each day with my husband. We are strong together and as individuals. I don’t think anyone should ever feel bad for being “single”. Embrace your singleness as a time to work on yourself and to do the things you enjoy πŸ™‚
2. Why are you married or in your current monogamous relationship?

I am married because I want to commit to my husband. Back when we married, we were a vanilla couple. Over the years we evolved, and are no longer a vanilla couple. We changed how we communicate to each other to fully understand each other and listen to each others needs and wants. It has been a beautiful journey. Now, we say we’re “bad boys for life” or we call each other “best friends first” because that is how deep our relationship goes. Our love is rooted in friendship first which is what makes it so strong, stable, quiet, and understanding.
3. Is polyamory something you want?

I have always shied away from the term because of my conservative background. And while I deeply respect people in a triad (or larger family/lover unit), I don’t know that I would ever want a live-in triad. Especially because I’m a parent. My husband and I are open to connections outside of our marriage so long as it’s honest, transparent, and healthy for all of us. There has to be a ton of communication and understand both prior and during and it’s something we take very seriously. So, I guess in sum, I’m open to the aspect of expressing love to another partner outside of my marriage, but I like to keep the core of my household stable and separate.
4. What is the gender of your best friend?

Male! πŸ™‚ Bad boys for life! *fist bump*
5. What do you think is the worst thing about being male?

I really dislike how men are “supposed to be” ultra masculine. There are many societal pressures that tell men what they should or shouldn’t do. But it can be really unhealthy! For example: men are told to not cry. To do so is to show a sign of weakness. But crying is simply an outward expression of sorrow that is fundamental to every human being regardless of gender. If you need to cry, cry! It’s healthy and understandable. So, too, should a man be able to wear the color pink without fear of being judged. A man can ROCK a pink dress shirt, or polo shirt. I think we should embrace every man for who they are outside of societal stereotypes. Be yourself! πŸ™‚

Bonus: Why are you sexy?

Hehe this is such a funny question to think about, probably because I was raised to be humble first, above all else. But I’ll try to answer this question. I’m sexy because I’m truly beginning to love myself. For so long I saw myself as “fat” and ugly. Am I a B.B.W.? Yes, I am. Are there times where I wear black clothing because I feel like it slims me? I do. But, I also don’t think I’m ugly. There are body parts that I find beauty in now, and that feels good. I’m gentle with my mental health and in doing so, I’ve really begun to thrive. I have fully come into my own as a Little and I feel like I’m spreading my wings to be my unique, authentic, self. And that…. is pretty sexy πŸ™‚


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