It’s Okay to Begin Again… [Life Updates!]

Good Evening My Dear Friends,

Tonight I feel so at peace. My heart is full, and for that I am thankful. I’ve reached a place in my life where I embrace the quiet moments. I count my blessings. I give thanks for the unexpected joys in my life. Tonight, I’d like to let you in on a private part of my life that I have been holding back from here. A part of me that is beginning to grow again. A piece of me that is dancing with joy, love, and gratitude.

I have a Daddy dom again. ❤

Now before I gush, squeal, and share with you this simple, happy tale of two souls finding each other, I’d like to apologize to any dominant out there who has DMed my Instagram and hasn’t gotten a reply. I’m sorry! It’s not that I wanted to ignore you. It’s just that, I’m in the beginning stages of a new, beautiful relationship and it has needed all of my attention. (And to those Instagram daddies flirting with me… thank you, but I’m happily taken! ❤ But I wish you all of the best in your search for your perfect Little!).

Okay, now pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and let’s chat together. I have a Daddy dom. I’m also happily married in my personal life. I know, for many people who has followed me for a while, you might be wondering if it conflicts. In truth, my husband is incredibly supportive of my Daddy and I. My husband and I practice compassionate communication, and so we have spoken about the possibility of opening up our marriage to other connections outside of each other for some time now. We will always be transparent with each other in helping each other reach our individual needs, and if that means opening up our world to other beautiful humans to come into our heart, then that’s great! 🙂 As such, I have opened up my heart to a wonderful man, person, and dominant who has slowly become my Daddy.


I was worried when we first connected, if it would be weird for him connecting with someone who writes about BDSM and Cg/l regularly. I wondered if he would feel intimidated. It takes quite the dominant to tame my fiery, kitten soul. But he came in with a quiet, firm, and loving hand. Our conversations began. Unlike a vanilla relationship where you tiptoe on eggshells, wondering what you should and shouldn’t say, we came together and began to peel back the many complex layers into each others souls. I felt butterflies in my stomach again. He would say things that would make me see new perspectives. He challenged my thinking, and ticked every “box” that I had in terms of what to look for in a partner. Like dancing together, he took my hand and I clasped his, and we began to move together.

Every time I felt like I would stumble, fear and anxiety gripping at my heart, he would grasp my hand tighter, pulling me to his chest for reassurance. I felt breathless at the waterfall of love that he showered over me. “Thank you, God” I whispered in prayer, truly humbled at being in a loving marriage, and to find a partner to love completely as my dominant.

Like any new couple, my hands trembled when we spoke on the phone for the first time. I couldn’t stop smiling. We laughed, and began sharing our passions and interests. I smiled in silent satisfaction, listening to him lead our conversations but always turn his attention to me, picking up on the tiniest details and remembering things we had spoken about. It was refreshing and comforting. Our trust began to grow and time moved on. Life began to creep in. I looked at him, worried that our new budding plant of a relationship would wilt against the chaos of life. But again, he took charge and we swapped schedules. We began planning our phone conversations, something that both humbled and melted my heart. (He’s a planner, you guys!!! *squeals*). We took steps, hand in hand, waltzing around the dance floor of life, moving as needed… but always together.

I opened my heart to him more, sharing parts of me that I never thought I would… or could. But there he was, listening and absorbing it all with unconditional love. We were building a friendship, a partnership, a D/s connection… a multi-layered connection that felt deeply rewarding to the both of us. I would smile at him, eyes full of love and compassion as he ranted about his job. It may sound trivial, but to me, it felt perfect because I knew that I was becoming a part of his world. Truly, a part of his day to day life.

All along the way, with each step we took, I held his hand in one of mine, and my husbands in the other. At night I would curl up and share everything with my husband, who beamed with happiness at seeing the love and gratitude I have in my heart. He watched my eyes light up with joy, and hugged me with true appreciation for the connection I was forming. I never needed his blessing. What I have is greater than that. I have his love, support, trust, loyalty, and understanding.

Like a bird learning to fly, I am surrounded by so much love that I never knew was possible. I received my Daddy’s blessing to begin writing about us on here, and when he agreed I literally squealed out loud, because my heart is so full that I want to share it all with all of you. You can be a Little at any age. You can be a curvy Little and feel beautiful and sexy. You can feel happy, light, and complete in ways you never dreamed was possible. You can form connections with people that are completely unexpected, and find yourself smitten, and full of gratitude for the blessings that come into your life. I am truly thankful to have my Daddy ❤ . He is an incredible person and I am honored to share a bit of our story here with you.

Over the next month I am entering my formal training with him. While we are already so connected in heart, we want to build the foundation of our relationship the right way. We want to take our time, move slowly, and with great care. I heard an amazing quote in a sermon recently that fits this post appropriately.

“All you need to fall in love is a pulse. To stay in love, you need a plan”. – Pastor Jeremy Foster, Hope City Church, Houston, TX.

So, my Daddy and I created a plan. We have established our connection and built a wonderful friendship full of love, trust, loyalty, and brutal honesty. Now, we are shifting into more formal training where I will learn how to be his submissive. Over the next 30 days I invite you to come along with me as I share with you the relationship tasks and exercises that we’re going to do. Perhaps you can use these ideas as tools for your own relationship! I will also be posting printables for you to incorporate into your life as a “blueprint” for your D/s relationship. As always, take these printables and make them your own. Use what you love, and discard the rest. There is no “right way” to be a Little. Be the Little and submissive that your dominant wants you to be. ❤ Serve them with all of you: body, mind, and soul. 🙂 I know I’m ready.

Thank you all for the love, support, and messages of kindness that you’ve shared in the 11 months that I’ve been blogging. Here’s to many, many more wonderful posts together. I wish you all so much love wherever you are in the world. Have a wonderful night and I will see you all back here in the morning.

Much love,

~Kitten xx ❤

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