Day 10 of Submissive Training: Mukbang! Or How to Use Video Chatting to Eat a Meal Together

Good Evening Friends,

Today’s submissive training is a bit more lighthearted, which quite frankly, we all need at times. Yes, tonight we are going to talk about mukbang, or the art of being with someone over video while they eat. The concept of mukbang began in South Korea with individuals who watch a live stream of a YouTuber eating their favorite foods. They felt as though they weren’t alone when they were tuned into this person regularly. Over a meal, the YouTuber would chat with their fans and eat food, as if they were sitting at the same table together.

We can utilize this concept of “eating together from afar” in a similar way with D/s relationships, especially those that are long distance. Now, let’s dive in.

I. Getting Comfortable Eating Together: 

When you enter any new relationship, the idea of sharing a meal together can be nerve wracking. You want to remember to order a dish with no garlic or onions in it, lest they want to kiss you. You need to remember to order a dish that’s easy to eat and doesn’t get food stuck in your teeth. And should you split the bill on the first date? Should the dominant pay? There are thoughts that roll around and around causing stress and anxiety. But… what if you could “practice” eating together before you’re actually face to face. The concept of mukbang would allow you to grow comfortable with eating together before you’re actually together.

In the privacy of your home, or in a quiet spot, you can video chat with your partner. Pack a meal that you know you will enjoy, and that won’t be too distracting from your conversation. Then, tune in to each other! Video chat and share a meal together. It’s incredible how impactful video chat can be. Yes, you’re not there holding hands at the table, but you are able to see each other smile. You can maintain eye contact and begin to grow comfortable to your mannerisms.

II. Using Mukbang as a Way to Enhance Little Space: 

If you’re a Cg/l relationship, video chatting can be especially fun for dominants and their littles. Have your little prepare their favorite snack or mealtime. They can wear a special onesie to show off to you, or put their food on a special plate. Then, while you’re eating, make a game out things. You can play “red light, green light” with them trying to eat a bite of food. Or, try playing “Daddy/Mommy says” (Simon says) while you’re eating together. No doubt your Little will be laughing and giggling in no time. 🙂

III. Extra Tips to Make Your Mealtime Enjoyable: 

While video chatting take the time to do a little something extra to show your partner that you care. It can be difficult being far apart. But thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to bridge the gap. Here are a few extra tips that I recommend:

  • Set some gentle music in the background. Keep it low enough to not distract, but just enough to relax you both.
  • Light your favorite candle to calm your nerves. Aromatherapy does wonders.
  • Wear a cute outfit for your partner. If you have a scheduled mukbang meal together, you can jump out of your daily sweats and into a cute outfit right on time. 😉
  • Make a drawing for your dominant to hold up to the camera. It’s a simple way to show how much you care about them.
  • You can have your dominant pick out your meal ahead of time, or make a game of things by facetiming as you’re at the market shopping. Make a game of it! Have your partner pick out their favorite things for you to eat and taste, and you pick out your favorite things for them to try!
  • Relax and suspend your mind while you’re having a conversation. Pretend that you’re in a quiet coffeehouse together. Try not to worry about your image in the corner of the screen too much. 😉

And above all else: remember to just have fun. This activity is a great way for D/s couples to come together to enjoy each other over a meal when you can’t be face to face. Relax and let your love shine.

That’s it from me for tonight, my friends. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful night and I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx

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