Day 13 of Submissive Training: Discuss the Concept of Ownership, Voluntary Slavery, and the Need to Be Protected

Good Morning Friends!

Today’s submissive training post is going to be a bit different. I usually break things down into neat sections. I pen an outline before every post and follow it sequentially. But this post is going to be different, because the concept of ownership is a feeling. It’s an idea that resonates from the heart. The very role of being a submissive is one that is rooted in obedience, loyalty, trust, and honor. As such, as submissives we have a need to be protected by our dominant. We crave being cared for, and nurtured completely. It feels good when our dominant claims us. Now, let’s dive in together into this web of emotions as we dissect this topic, piece by piece.


I. The Concept of Being “Owned”: 

In order to understand why a submissive would want to be “owned” by their dominant, we must first revisit the very nature of any D/s relationship. A D/s relationship is a dynamic in which two legal adults voluntarily enter into a relationship where there is a power exchange between the dominant and submissive. Every D/s relationship looks a bit different, because no two people are alike. That said, I can only speak about how I feel being claimed and owned. When I close my eyes and think of my Daddy, and how he claims me, I begin to smile. It’s the feeling of knowing that he’s always there. Life can get busy, and often does. We are miles and miles apart, and yet, we do things every day to show how much we care for each other.

But the concept of being owned goes deeper than that. I have always been a tomboy who is shy about being curvy. When my Daddy and I began talking, I was so timid about my weight. But he lovingly tore down each wall of mine, showing me that he loves, cares, and wants to nurture me until I’m whole again. He instructs me on what to wear, how he wants me to carry myself, and what things are important to him. And every time I feel insecure (and at times I do), he showers me with a flood of love and reassurance until I feel happy and complete again.

II. Voluntary Slavery: 

Slavery is such an interesting word. In an M/s dynamic (or Master/slave) the word is used regularly, as it is the title of the submissive. In vanilla society, the term “slavery” is detested, scorned, and shunned because it is often equated with involuntary power over another individual. It is important to note that in the D/s world, slavery is always consensual. It is a choice we make. As a submissive, it is an honor to serve my Daddy. I choose to serve him from a place of unconditional love and respect. I serve him because I long to meet his needs. I yearn to give him pleasure. I crave for him to feel loved, wanted, and needed by me. I kneel before him because he has proven that I can trust him, and that he will take care of me.

Slavery isn’t something to ever take lightly. It is a choice made after going through training and deciding if the path of submission is right for you. I should also note here that not every submissive is a slave. There are many different forms of submission, so if slavery doesn’t feel right, then there are other options within the world of D/s that might be a better fit. 🙂 Find what works for you and your personality. For me, I call myself a “hybrid little” because while I am a Little… I also love to go deep into my submissive mindset and become a slave. I yearn to silence myself and simply serve with my body, mind, and soul. When my Daddy wants to take me, he has total control over my body. I would never refuse him, because I know that he will care for me. I also love thinking that “my holes are his”. It thrills me. ❤

III. The Need to Be Protected: 

Not every submissive craves to be protected, so this section is merely a bit of baring my soul to all of you. I have a need to be protected. It’s hardly surprising, given that I have physical and sexual abuse in past relationships. While I have healed from the mental trauma of those experiences, it has left a scar on my heart and mind, needing to be protected by my dominant. The world is so big, and I am so small. I know I’m not physically strong, and I never want to be in a position again where I’m hurt and there isn’t a soul in the world who cares about me. I love knowing that my Daddy has my back. Our relationship is built on a strong friendship first before we are lovers and partners. It is on this friendship that I place my trust, loyalty, and love. He knows that I can feel vulnerable. I need more reassurance than most. I apologize often for being clingy, and he tenderly reminds me that I’ve no need to apologize for feeling that way.

I feel his arms pull me close to nurture my heart and mind. He takes control in such a way that it takes my breath away. I lean into him and surrender. I give myself to him, knowing that I’m completely safe. I’m his, and that’s where I belong. It’s beautiful. ❤

Alright, friends, I’ll leave this post here, for now but I hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you take time to reflect on your own relationship and ponder if you feel owned, claimed, and desired. I hope you think about voluntary slavery and ponder if it’s something you wish to explore with your partner. Have a beautiful Wednesday and I will see you all back here for the next topic.

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. This was a favorite post of mine to read that you’ve written. You have an amazing way of taking the reader through your thought process and fluently explaining your thoughts.

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