Day 17 of Submissive Training: Learning Various Positions of Prostration

Good Afternoon Friends!

The first time I knelt next to my dominant, I squirmed as I sat still. I’m not usually known for being quiet, meek, or timid. So it was quite the challenge for me. But over time I learned the power behind kneeling, sitting next to, or prostrating your body, before your dominant. It shifts you mentally. The physical act of kneeling before your dominant demonstrates deep love and respect. It also shifts your dominant’s mindset into a place of power, control, and authority. Today I’m going to discuss various methods of prostration because there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to kneeling before your dominant. People have various mobility abilities and needs, and as such, I like to give options! 🙂 That way everyone can find a position that works best for them. Are you ready? Then let’s dive in.

I. Getting Tools to Aid Your Submissive: 

Kneeling is a powerful demonstration of submission. It also has a rich history across cultures. We see kneeling everywhere from marriage proposals to public sports protests to worship sites. Prostrating the body is a humble way to surrender power to your dominant, but it isn’t always easy on the body. As such, there are several things you can do to make kneeling a bit easier to achieve. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Invest in a floor cushion. Many submissives own a floor cushion and use it when they kneel before their dominant. This gives just a bit of comfort for your knees and legs and is especially helpful if you plan on kneeling for extended periods of time.
  • Use a towel or foam roll to place between the calves and buttocks when kneeling. If you have knee injuries or issues, this relieves pressure on the legs as you place your body weight against the pillow. Amazon has an excellent memory foam knee pillow for purchase if you can’t find one locally.
  • When in doubt, modify the position! The whole point of kneeling is to humble yourself before your dominant. If you can’t get on the floor, simply modify the position. Try using a kneeling computer chair, which puts you in the kneeling position but keeps you off of the floor.
  • Lastly, if you want to sit on the floor cushion, but kneeling is taxing on the body, try sitting on your bottom and crossing your legs (criss-cross applesauce style lol). You’ll still be lower than your dominant, but you can sit for much longer periods of time.

II. Japanese Style Kneeling: 

In Japan, kneeling on the floor is known as seiza. This literally translates to “proper sitting” and has been used for centuries as a form of respect and manners. In a culture that prides itself on manners and etiquette, we can look to the Japanese for inspiration when deciding what floor position to use with our dominant. The seiza position is when the individual kneels on the floor, with their buttocks resting on their heels. The hands are folded flat on the tops of the thighs and the back is kept nice and straight. If you’re a female submissive, you’ll want to keep your knees together as a form of modesty, just as the Japanese geisha have done for ages. Seiza is an excellent choice for any submissive wanting to use a traditional kneeling method during their training period.


III. Gorean Obi Position: 

Within the world of BDSM, lies a subculture of practitioners who are fans of author John Norman’s Gor book series. In it, he created an elaborate society, culture, and people complete with rules, regulations, ranks, and so on. People intrigued by the series began bringing the Gorean culture to life by creating a subculture in which they live in the ways that the people of Gor do. Submissives are known as kajira. Many mistake kajira as “sex slaves”, when in fact they are actually proper submissives and viewed as property of their Master. Kajira train for months to learn elaborate dances, positions of servitude, and rules to follow, when interacting with others in the lifestyle. One such position is called “obi”.

Gorean “obi” position

The obi position sounds similar to the word “obey” and is a fitting title as it is a full prostration of the body before the master. The submissive places both legs together, kneeling over so that their head gently touches the floor. It is a powerful demonstration of submission for one to display before their dominant.

IV. Sukhasana Position: 


This yoga position is wonderful for using with your submissive if you’re giving them the task of being still and quiet. It is a basic position that allows the individual to focus on their breathing and be able to meditate. If you want to incorporate more time spent on the floor with your sub, this position is also more gentle on the joints and will allow your submissive to sit for long periods of time.

V. How to Incorporate Kneeling Positions into Your Training: 

The last point I’d like to touch upon is how to incorporate kneeling into your submissive’s training. There are several ways in which you can weave in time spent kneeling without making your submissive detest the activity. First, always make sure your sub is comfortable. You never want to cause injury to their body when they’re trying to complete a task. Second, be clear about why you want them to practice kneeling, and what it means to you as their dominant. If they can see the “big picture” of why kneeling is important for their training, they will be more likely to do it. Lastly, get feedback from your submissive about what position resonates with them too. While you may like one position, you want your sub to want to kneel before you. How they contort their body to do so shouldn’t matter as much.

Now let’s take a look at different ways and reasons to incorporate kneeling into your training:

  • If you have an impatient sub, kneeling is a great activity that will force them to be still. Set a timer and have them sit quietly at your side as you’re watching TV, working, etc. You can tenderly stroke their hair to give reassurance and praise, but they aren’t allowed to speak during their task. The goal is to sit still and embrace the silence of the moment.
  • Have your sub kneel by your side as you’re doing work on the computer. Nothing will make your sub slip deep into the head space like kneeling at your side as you’re working. You can even add in the task of giving you a blowjob if they are sitting nice and still. 😉
  • If you’re out at a play party, have your sub kneel by your side as you socialize with other dominants. Your submissive is a reflection of you, and therefore they should always adhere to your command by demonstrating the utmost respect and obedience.
  • If your D/s relationship includes pet play, have your submissive slip into the “pet” mindset as you play fetch or take them for a walk. Afterwards, task them with kneeling or resting on a plushy cushion by your side. Always remember to praise your submissive for a task well completed.
  • You can also incorporate kneeling into your discipline routine. This can be especially effective with Cg/l relationships. If your Little is acting out, task them with sitting (or kneeling) in the “thought spot”. Make them sit quietly for a few minutes as they reflect on their negative behavior. Then, when they’ve completed the punishment successfully, make sure to provide loving aftercare to ensure that they are feeling happy and centered again.

Alright my friends, that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know! I hope you all have a wonderful evening, and I will see you back here for the next topic.

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx




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