I Cherish Today

Good Evening Friends,

It’s turning late at night here. My eyelids feel heavy, but my fingertips tingle, yearning to speak my mind. So here I am with these bleary thoughts. Forgive me for my meandering thoughts that are pouring onto here. I promise that tomorrow I’ll be back to Cg/l topics. Tonight, however, I want to talk about seizing the day. Carpe diem. I first heard the phrase in “Dead Poet’s Society”, if you haven’t watched the movie, please do. It’s amazing. But tonight as I sat up and watched “Our Souls at Night” on Netflix, I couldn’t help but reflect upon the concept of time. Cherishing time. It’s the most precious commodity.


We all want a little bit more time….

I close my eyes and feel the gentle tug of my soul towards the people I love. Truly love. And I pray for one more day. There is a sense of freedom for those who don’t plan, or who live in the moment. But I’ve never been that spontaneous. So, I fall into the group of people that chase after their dreams. I stand on tiptoes reaching for just a few more minutes, clinging for just one more moment.


So many times I’ve met people who aren’t living out their dreams. Or those who make up excuses for why they can’t have the life they dream of. They have told me, “if I just save up a bit more money….” or “when I finally get married I will…”. But what they forget is that none of us are in charge of time. The hourglass turns, our sand pouring through the funnel at varying rates without ever ceasing. Time stops for no one.


And so we grasp at what we yearn for. We reach, stretching ourselves thin at times, for just a few more precious moments. Reach for what you truly desire. Find a way. Cling a little bit harder. Kiss with unbridled passion. Make love until you exhale with bliss. Snuggle up and savor the moments, because that is what life is all about. Moments. Pure, simple, unfiltered, genuine moments.

I feel my eyelids growing heavy. My muscles are beginning to sink and the call of my bed is becoming stronger with each sentence I write on here to you. So this is where we will part ways until the morning. I’ll leave you with this question:

If today you did exactly what your heart truly wanted to do… what would you do?

Comment and let me know. Sending so much love to you, my friends. Goodnight ❤

~Punkin/Kitten Xx


  1. I’m doing it right now. ♥ Our home is under some serious construction and I’ve been battling getting repairs started for weeks now. Daddy slept all day. I was finally able to relax, blog, enjoy Facebook, read posts and find a few new blogs to follow. Daddy asked me to go to work with Him tonight. ♥ So i sit in the office across from Daddy watching Him work as i wander through the internet and take joy in just being with Him. My little pup is curled up on a pillow beside me. The moments aren’t grand or exciting. They are just pleasant. They’re unplanned and purrrrfect. All is right in the world right now.

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