Vacation Day 2: Little Me Comes Out to Play!!

Hi Friends!!

I can hardly contain my excitement as I sit here and type. My fingers are flying over my rainbow keyboard while I rock out to music in my pink headphones. It feels good to sit here and write to you again. I’ve missed you all! How are you? Are you having a good Sunday? Today, I mustered my courage and went outside in this SoCal heat to do some DDLG adventures! Yes, I got to be little for hours today, something I usually don’t get to do back at home. I had a blast!! Here is where I hopped and skipped about today…

Today was Irvine Spectrum Center day! It’s this giant outdoor shopping area complete with a ferris wheel and a carousel. The ferris wheel is $5 USD per person, and the carousel is $3 USD per person. So you know that I had to hop in line and hop in a gondola to see the sights. Admittedly, it went so high that for a moment I felt nervous at the top lol. But it was really fun to ride on. πŸ™‚


After the ferris wheel I was already sweating my you-know-what off! It was 93 degrees outside and my sunscreen was melting right off of my skin! It was nuts. But the outdoor shopping plaza built in these really cool water-mist jets that I happily danced in. πŸ™‚


Then I turned around… and I saw it. The holy grail of all things pink and kawaii: The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe!! Okay, I admit that I might have squealed a little bit. While all the little girls complete in tutus were racing inside, I was marching right in along side of them, ready to get my own treat. And y’all… it was Little heaven. I swooned… hard. πŸ™‚ Everything was simply magical.


I couldn’t stop snapping pictures and tweeting videos for you all to see! (If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, come join me over there and embrace the fun in real time! πŸ˜‰ ).





So after dancing on my tippy toes trying to decide what to order, I settled for a cup of hot rainbow donut bites and a frozen mocha drink. My kiddo (who was also squealing right along side of me) got the strawberry blast smoothie. They were both sublime, and I should mention here that although the donuts look like they are sweet…. they actually aren’t that sweet at all! I was thankful for that. πŸ™‚




With a snack in our bellies, we decided to walk around ogling the many gorgeous shops at the spectrum center. By then it was about lunchtime and we were ready to tuck into a balanced meal. So we browsed one of the many map locations (thank God for those!) and saw…. a Dim Sum restaurant!! I inhaled and looked at my husband. “We’re doing it” he said staring into my eyes. “Oh heck yes” I replied and off we marched into the VERY long line of eager diners waiting to nab a table at Capitol Dim Sum.



Now picture this: the dining room was huge. Tables were packed side by side with a mostly Asian crowd. People were literally shouting to hear each other, so forget about having a lunch conversation. Meanwhile, the nicest Chinese grandma’s pushing carts and carrying trays walked around carrying dim sum for you to point at, and then they would stamp your card. I had an idea of what to expect before we went there because I had researched dim sum before, but my husband was totally out of his element. His eyes grew wide not seeing rice anywhere. (The man eats rice with everything lol). So I took over with a big ol’ grin on my face. We ordered pork and seaweed rolls, BBQ pork buns, deep fried shrimp balls, Chinese green beans (my favorite!), and Hong Kong egg tarts. Every time the nice grandma-server would come by my husband would point at another plate. Slowly I began to quirk a brow at him watching him eat the dim sum like it was going out of style.

Meanwhile I was happily munching on a giant plate of stir fried green beans. If you ever get the chance to have Chinese-style green beans.. chow down, friends. They are sublime.


“Babe… pace yourself” I said chuckling watching him chomp… and chomp and chomp. To be fair, everything tasted amazing. As I set down my chopsticks with a happy tummy I looked up and saw my husband staring at me. “I think… I can’t walk I’m so stuffed!” he meeped. I suppressed a giggle and we quickly got the check to leave. Now y’all know the “omg-I’m-so-stuffed-I’m-gonna-hurl” walk, and if you don’t then God Bless You. So with my arm tucked around his waist, we eased along in the shadows slowly meandering towards Barnes and Noble where there was air-con for him, and books for me. πŸ™‚ Getting him settled I set off to wander around my favorite type of store… a bookstore!

Feeling little again, I wandered upstairs and found myself in the kids section. Discreetly I poked around beaming at all of my favorite kids’ books.


But, without my Daddy, it felt weird getting a picture book. So I wandered over to the journals and scooped up a special journal with a kitty cat on it that I’ll be writing in while I’m deep in subspace. I haven’t journaled like this since my ex-dom and quite frankly, I’m nervous to open myself up again in a diary about being a subbie. But, I think it can be a healthy outlet too. As I stood in line to check out I saw a sign that piqued my interest:


“Hmm…” I said looking at the mysteriously-wrapped books. One piqued my interest, so I scooped it up along with a decadent bar of chocolate for tea time tonight and checked out.

To see me unwrapping the book, check out the video on my Twitter! πŸ™‚Β 

Now I’m here typing to you all tuckered out, with a happy smile on my face. Stay tuned for more fun adventures that lay ahead! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Sending you all big hugs and smiles! πŸ™‚

Much love,

~Punkin/Kitten Xx


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