Day 29 of Submissive Training: What to Do After Training!

Good Evening Friends,

I can’t believe we have one more post until the 30 days of submissive training is complete! Wow, time flies when we’re having fun! 🙂 Before we dive into tonight’s topic there are a few things I’d like to share. The first is, I joined FetLife! So, if any of you are on there, come befriend me at Penny-Berry and say hello! I’d love to connect. The second bit of news is that all month long in September I am hosting the #chubbylittlechallenge. This is a 30 day challenge of body positivity for Littles of every shape and size. Each day I will be sharing my own photo of my body (clothed) with a rotating topic. I’ll be sharing the photo on here, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and FetLife. I want to dispel the notion that you need to be a certain size, shape, or look in order to be a Little.

Be the Little that YOU were meant to be. We’re all beautiful human beings. 🙂 

So, if you’re interested in taking part of this challenge, stay tuned for each daily topic. Snap a photo, hashtag it on social media, and we can link up together! 😀 Alright, now let’s turn our focus to tonight’s topic: what to do after training. It’s natural to wonder, “what do I do after I’m trained by my dominant?”. There must be another chapter in this delicious book of D/s life, right? Yes, you’re absolutely correct. There are things to do after your initial training and tonight we’re going to cover just that. Now, let’s dive in. ❤

Never forget to stop and be silly 😉 

I. Begin to Set Daily Tasks for Your Submissive: 

Whether you’re in a long distance D/s relationship or you live together full time, daily tasks are a great way to keep your submissive in the headspace when life can get mundane. Now, you don’t want to create tasks simply to give your sub something to do. Create tasks with the purpose of having your sub improve upon themselves. Utilize tasks that help push your sub towards their personal goals. For example: if your sub wants to lose weight, create tasks that make them exercise daily and cut out sweets. If your submissive has personal goals for their career, create tasks that will help them “baby step” their way towards that achievement. Make sure that your tasks are achievable and are small enough that your sub won’t feel discouraged. It’s one thing to push your sub a bit harder, it’s another to set them up for failure. Don’t do the latter.

II. Implement Rules to Give Your Sub Daily Guidance: 

Daddy can attest that I am a firm believer in having rules for your submissive. Even long distance D/s couples can have rules to help guide the sub. If your dominant says “no”, whether they are there are not, don’t do whatever it is that you’re forbidden to do. Rules have their proper place within a D/s dynamic. Create rules that encourage your sub towards healthy habits. Make it a rule that they eat healthy, stay hydrated, and get proper sleep. Make it a rule for them to nourish their mind with a healthy hobby or outlet to relieve stress. Put a positive spin on your rules that will make your sub want to obey you, versus implementing rules that forbid your sub from doing certain things. (This is especially the case if your sub has a tendency to brat or act out. You don’t want to give them incentive to break the rules! 🙂 ). You can create rules for all kinds of positive things, including: not using cuss words (I’m still working on this one), making space to journal and reflect, sending you (the dominant) a picture every day of what they’re wearing, etc. Build into the rules things that YOU need as a dominant too. Your submissive wants to please you. Allow them to do so by giving them rules to follow.

III. Explore Kinks and Fetishes Together: 

With your initial training complete, now it’s time to pull out that kinks, fetishes, and taboo fantasies checklist that you filled out at the beginning of training, and begin to dive into it together! I can tell you from personal experience, that it’s easy to let life get in the way of “kinky fun times”. Life happens, and I completely understand that. This is why I encourage you to be even more proactive about scheduling play sessions. Yes, schedule them! Make it a point to make space for your D/s play time. Don’t keep coming back to the same stomping ground over and over. Pull out some new tricks for your submissive and you to enjoy. They will surely be impressed that you remembered their interests and desires. Now that they are trained, obedient, and happily collared to you, take it to the next level. Buy that zentai suit. Purchase that flogger that she showed you online. Wrap up in furs and stroke each other naked in bed. Do whatever it is that really gets you both going. 🙂 Explore your kinks and fetishes as a couple because life is short. Seize every moment together. ❤

IV. Keep a Positive Attitude and a Sense of Humor: 

The last point I’d like to touch upon is keeping a sense of humor as you move forward together. I know that the world of BDSM and D/s can seem so…. serious. But, never forget to laugh together. Go ahead, crack up at a good joke! In fact, I have one for you:

What do you call a submissive vegetable?

A: A “collared” green! 😀

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a playful spirit. I love watching stand up comedy by myself. I make space to laugh and smile on the daily. I love making my Daddy giggle. There will be many moments where you’ll need to have a sense of humor to keep things loving and understanding in your relationship. Mistakes happen. Laugh at them and connect even deeper. Never stop having fun as a couple. Life is far too short to be so… serious. Keep that inner child alive and give yourself permission to be silly, playful, and mischievous. 😉

Alright my friends, that’s it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new here and I will see you all back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


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