Day 30 of Submissive Training: Choosing a Collar For Your Sub, and Celebrating the End of Formal Training

Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope you all are gearing up for a fun weekend. It’s the very last post of the 30 days of submissive training! We made it together!! Did you enjoy it? I certainly hope so. Today we’re going to discuss collars, ceremonies, and how to wrap up your submissive’s formal training in a way that is special and meaningful. I remember when I first began on my journey into BDSM, I picked up a book that stated that, “Littles are people who usually don’t like to wear collars”. How absurd! By the time I began meeting littles, I quickly learned that the truth is that most submissives love to wear a collar from their dominant, and do so proudly. Little or not, submissives love wearing something to signify that they are happily taken, owned, and claimed. I’m no different. 🙂 That said, are you ready to dive in with me on this final post? Yes? Then let’s dive in. ❤


I. Choose a Collar That Represents Your Sub: 

We all know how elaborate marriage proposals can get, and while your sub’s collaring isn’t matrimony, it is equally as special. Your sub has worked hard to demonstrate their love, devotion, trust, and loyalty to you. Show how much you care by choosing a collar that represents your bond. Pick out something that you know your sub will love and adore. Take your time with it. There are many styles of collars out on the market from imitation leather collars on Amazon (a great economical choice), to metal and genuine leather collars on Etsy, to hand-crafted original pieces from private sellers. Don’t stress too much about the price point. Unlike an engagement ring, where society notoriously says “spend! spend! spend!”, your submissive’s collar can be inexpensive yet, beautifully made and significant between the two of you.

There are many collars that have cute words adorned to it, or a hoop that will allow you put a crafted dog tag on it with your sub’s name. Go all out with their collar. This is your moment as their dom to gift them a piece of jewelry that they will forever cherish. It will be part of their identity. They earned this collar. Make it special.


II. Do a Ceremony That Feels Right for You: 

If you’re stuck trying to think of how to formally gift your submissive their collar, or you are unsure of what kind of ceremony to do…. never fear! Punkin is here! 😀 I have created a free printable of a Cg/l collaring ceremony for you to print off and enjoy with your partner. May it give you guidance, inspiration, and many wonderful memories together. Now, when it comes to the type of collaring ceremony there is one piece of advice I would encourage you to remember: do a ceremony that feels right for you and your submissive. There are many submissives who want to share that special moment in the privacy of your home, while other submissives would love a grand gesture for their collaring ceremony. Think about your submissive’s personality and plan accordingly.

III. Think About an Indoor and Outdoor Collar: 

There are many submissives who will feel uncomfortable (or are unable to) wear a heavy leather/metal collar out in public. If this is the case, think about gifting your submissive two collars instead of one! My recommendation is to gift them a more traditional collar for indoor play, and a necklace-style collar for wearing out in public. There are many popular designs that submissives love to wear as discreet collars. Some of these include: lockets, claddagh pendants, infinity charms, and dog tag necklaces. Try to personalize the necklace if possible or pick out something that represents your submissive. For example: if your submissive is a kitten, choose a collar with a bell. If your submissive is a babygirl, choose something more whimsical and in their favorite color. If your submissive is a princess, pick a necklace that has a crown. You get the idea.


IV. A Special Message For You: 

My friends, it has been an honor to design these 30 days of submissive training for you. It is my greatest wish that you and your dominant continue to grow, thrive, and connect ever deeper as a couple. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Comment below or leave me a private message in the “Contact Penny” page at the top. I would love to hear from you! Now, let’s take a look back at what we learned over the past 30 days:

  1. Day 1: Discuss Your Expectations with Each Other
  2. Day 2: Embracing Each Other’s Differences
  3. Day 3: Choosing to Commit to Your Partner
  4. Day 4: Discussing Your Most Self-Conscious Body Part
  5. Day 5: Introducing Your Partner to “Little Me”
  6. Day 6: Learning Your Preferred Communication Style
  7. Day 7: Incorporating Domestic Service Into Your Training Routine
  8. Day 8: Discussing Pet Peeves with Your Partner
  9. Day 9: Talking About Sex with Your Partner 
  10. Day 10: Mukbang! Or How to Use Video Chat to Eat a Meal Together
  11. Day 11: Discussing Your Kinks, Fetishes, and Fantasies in Depth
  12. Day 12: What is the Purpose of Training? Why Even Bother?
  13. Day 13: Discuss the Concept of Ownership, Voluntary Slavery, and the Need to Be Protected
  14. Day 14: Discussing the “Voids” of Your Life
  15. Day 15: Creating a Hygiene Routine to Uplift Your Submissive
  16. Day 16: Learning to Process Raw Emotions Together
  17. Day 17: Learning Various Positions of Prostration
  18. Day 18: Discussing Your Hard and Soft Limits and Why You Have Them
  19. Day 19: How to Create Rules For Your Submissive
  20. Day 20: How to Cope Being Long Distance
  21. Day 21: Discussing the Future with Your Partner
  22. Day 22: Basic D/s Etiquette and Some Helpful Rules 
  23. Day 23: Let’s Discuss Humiliation
  24. Day 24: Let’s Discuss Sadism & Masochism
  25. Day 25: Let’s Discuss Food, Sex, and Little Space
  26. Day 26: Punishments and “Fun”ishments
  27. Day 27: Bucket Lists and Relationship Goals
  28. Day 28: Aftercare, Post-Coital Decompressing, and Sub-Drop
  29. Day 29: What to Do After Training
  30. Day 30: THIS POST! 🙂

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Have a wonderful night, and I will see you all back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Punkin Xx


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