Day 58 of Little Introspection: Can You Be a Minimalist and a Little? (Hint: Yes, you can!)

Good Afternoon Friends!

It is currently scorching here in SoCal, so I am retreating into the confines of my cozy, air-conditioned room to sit here and blog to you. Are you having a great Saturday? I’ve so enjoyed curling up and reading many of your blogs. You all are so creative and talented! This afternoon I want to discuss minimalism and being a Little. Let’s rewind the clock 4 years to when I first journeyed into Cg/l. At the time, like many of you out there, I turned to YouTube to watch people who are adult Littles. One in particular I began to watch religiously. She is an adult little with a full blown nursery. Unlike me, she is thin, with long, lean legs. Unlike me she has a million Cg/l-specific clothing. Unlike me she has toys and plushies galore adorned throughout her home. And unlike me, she has only to care for her fiance and cats, while I am a mom, wife, submissive, and partner. But back then, before I had found myself as a Little, I had it in my mind that I needed to create a designated play space to be a Little.

So… I went shopping. I hit up the thrift shops and bought baby blankets, plushies, and even a playpen! I had created this spot that, admittedly, looked pretty dang cute for an a.b.! πŸ™‚ Except there was one teensy problem….

I’m not an adult baby!

I didn’t want to play on the floor. I didn’t want to have a bunch of stuff cluttering my home. I didn’t want to wear onesies all the time.Β  I didn’t want to have an entire room designated as a nursery. And I didn’t want to wear diapers! So, I felt lost in a sea of toys. Some I kept, but most I gave away to friends with children. I had to start all over again and become the Little that I was meant to be.

Here on my blog you hear me constantly saying: be the submissive that YOU are meant to be. You don’t need to look like anyone but yourself. For me, that means wearing lots of pink, flowy, comfortable clothing. It means wearing children’s socks, but keeping a very minimal space. Which brings me to today’s topic: minimalism. It’s something I’m passionate about. And if you are too, then I know you’ll enjoy today’s post. Now, let’s dive in. πŸ˜‰

I. Minimalism and Mental Health:Β 

For anyone out there living with anxiety or any other form of mental illness, this section is for you. When I began diving headfirst into minimalism 3 years ago, I quickly realized the large impact that it had on my mental health. I didn’t have the added stress of wondering, “where did I put the…?” or “gosh, this room is a mess!”. When I downsized significantly, I also didn’t have the visual stimulation that I had before. The room looked so much more open, light, and calming. There have been many studies done that has shown the benefits of keeping a minimal, tidy space. But if you’re curious about the more scientific side of minimalism and it’s correlation to mental health, here are a few links that I recommend:



When I began letting things go, I was able to make space to be a submissive who was both a minimalist and an adult little. I could have a small set of children’s dishes to eat off of, but I only needed 2 plushies. I kept 1 baby blanket that was meaningful, and just a handful of adult onesies. I chose to keep things that brought me happiness, and in doing so, my anxiety decreased. If you’re wondering if you need to have a bunch of “things” to be a Little… you don’t. Let me put your mind at ease: the only thing that you have to have to be a Little… is your brain. πŸ™‚ Yup! That’s it!

Being a Little is about a state of mind. You don’t have to wear anything specific, act a certain way, have certain items around you, etc. All you need to do is suspend your mind to regress into the “inner child” or “Little Me” that you desire to be!Β 

II. Extreme Minimalism:Β 

Now if you’re out there already neck-deep in minimalism and wanting to push yourself further, put your paws up because this next section is for you. πŸ˜‰ I want to pause here for a moment and discuss “extreme minimalism”. There are variations of what the minimalist community defines as “extreme”. Here are a few examples that I’ve seen:

  • Having a 15-item capsule wardrobe
  • Foraging for your own food or dumpster diving to feed yourself
  • Living in a commune and getting involved in a work-share program where everything is shared among the community members.
  • Living on an eco-village!
  • Living light and eating a 100% raw food based diet
  • And more!

If you’re a Little, and the thought of living with only the bare essentials appeals to you, there are many forms of extreme minimalism for you to experiment with. Minimalism isn’t a “one size fits all” form of living. Find the way of life that works best for your needs.

III. The Marie Kondo Method:Β 

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, let me give you a very brief background. Marie Kondo is a Japanese wife, mother, and entrepreneur who revolutionized the “organization market” (mostly here in America) by creating her own method that involves only holding onto things that make you happy. Thousands of people have been inspired by her because her method involves several steps to show honor to your living space and the items that you enjoy, including:

  • Greet your home with reverence. Pause and take a moment of quiet reflection to simply enjoy your space. Give thanks for having a home.
  • Then, as you begin to sort through items, and let things go, pause and thank each item for the joy that it has brought you. This will allow you to move through the emotions that bubble up as you let go of the physical possessions.
  • Look at the items that you’ve chosen to hold onto. Then organize your space efficiently.

What I love so much about the KonMari Method, is that the items you have left after decluttering are the things that truly bring you joy. There isn’t a specific number, or a certain way that you have to live your life. You simply hold onto the things that bring you joy, and let go of the things that don’t. It’s that easy. πŸ™‚ I encourage you to take time to declutter your own living space. Think about the items (both Little and otherwise) that you have around your home. Go through one by one and ask yourself if they bring you joy. If they do, hold onto them. If they don’t, give thanks and let them go. I promise you that decluttering will really make you feel both physically and mentally lighter. πŸ˜‰

IV. The Eco-Friendly Little:Β 

The last point I’d like to mention is incorporating eco-friendly products into your Cg/l lifestyle. Fun fact: I was president of the environmental club all through school. πŸ™‚ So! When it comes to switching over to a more eco-friendly lifestyle… I’m your girl with lots of info. Now, there are a few ways that you can easily incorporate green living into your little space:

  1. Use stainless steel/reuseable straws with your sippy cups. Ditch the plastic! It’s terrible for the environment. (You aren’t still buying plastic water bottles, are you?).
  2. Support local business by shopping at the farmers markets. The less a product has to travel to go from farm to table, the better off it is for the environment.
  3. Choose vegan, non-GMO products for your bath time. I use castille soap at home for my bath time. It’s super gentle on my skin and it smells terrific.
  4. Shop at thrift stores before you purchase new items. Buying used saves wasted energy on shipping products, gas to actually ship the box, less pollution, etc.
  5. Recycle old drawings that you might otherwise trash. Paper is the easiest thing to recycle.
  6. Use mason jars for your baby bottles. They can be re-purposed for your bottle feedings, be used for cannings, or they’re also great for pantry storage!
  7. Choose companies that recycle fabric to make plushies. I recommend The Ultimate Green Store.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Punkin Xx

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