The Night Before We Meet [Reflections]

Good Evening Friends,

I’m sitting here in sweatpants and a tank top with a cup of tea needing to decompress. I’m a writer. When feelings bubble up, I turn to my digital pen and paper and let it all flow through me. I’m sitting in my hotel room right now. Daddy will arrive tomorrow afternoon, and we will finally meet face to face. We will finally be able to hug. I will be able to inhale and smell his natural scent. I’m eager and excited. I’m nervous too. Thoughts have floated through my mind that haven’t for ages. This afternoon I paced around my tiny hotel room calming myself through the ebb and flow of emotion.


(Checks out myself in the mirror) Is my stomach getting bigger? No. Maybe that’s just my imagination. Shit, I shouldn’t have eaten Cheez-It’s. Damn emotional eating. 

(Doing meditation) Ommm…. I’m a cloud… floating across the sky. Floating… is kind of like swinging… in a sex swing. Shh! No thoughts! I’m supposed to be meditating brain! C’mon! Okay, let’s try again. Ommm….. Ommmm….. I’m present in the moment. I’m…. thinking of being spanked. (Sighs) Yeah, this isn’t working.

(Dances around the room with my headset on listening to techno) Techno is the best music to do “boomies” to. I wonder why more people don’t talk about that? Hmm…. 

(Stops dancing nervous with wide eyes) Shit! What should I wear tomorrow?? (Dives into my over-sized suitcase beginning to rip everything out. Sits on the floor for a solid 30 minutes picking out what outfit to wear to look just right).

(Paces around again nervously glancing at my phone) I wonder what he’s up to? I should text him. No! That would make me look clingy, right? Hmmm. Maybe just a “hey Daddy!”? Yeah. That’ll do. 

(Sends Daddy a hello text)

(Flops on the bed and begins to color. Glances at my phone every few minutes).

(Drifts off into a nap mid-coloring)…

(Wakes up feeling calmer) Oooo I should make tea and say hello to my blogging buddies! 

(Hops online with a smile) I hope you all are having a fantastic night! Stay tuned for our adventures this week from my perspective and from Daddy’s too on his blog: The Wild Wood. 

Much love,

~Punkin Xx


  1. I hope everything goes well for you both and you have a lovely first meet with your Daddy!! I remember when I used to visit my Sir, he lived 20 minutes away by bus. I used to get such a nervous tummy beforehand that I’d have to buy a courtesy drink in the pub on the corner of his street to apologise for the pit stop! Hehe

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