Vacation with Daddy- Day 1

Good Evening Friends,

I’m sitting here unable to stop smiling. His scent lingers on my skin. A hint of cologne and fresh soap. I love his smell. Daddy and I finally saw each other face to face today and it has been absolutely epic. From the moment we hugged I couldn’t stop smiling. His strong arms squeezed me with the same intensity that has been burning between us for several months now. I could finally stare into his eyes. Those beautiful, brown eyes with a hint of fiery amber near the pupils. I could finally hold hands with his… his, large, rough, tanned hands and mine, smooth tiny hands that are always cold. We beamed walking hand in hand to our room. I could feel his heartbeat matching mine as we touched for the first time. I was SO nervous! But all of that went away as soon as he suddenly cradled my face and kissed me.

Mmmm…. it was as if the world slowed and my mind said, “FINALLY!”. Hehe! And then, for the next several hours we snuggled. Really snuggled. My head tucked up on his chest, my body pressed into his side, letting his hands freely roam my curves as we talked… and talked… and talked. The conversation was so fluid. So easy. So comfortable. It’s as though we’ve spoken for years 🙂 That’s how great our chemistry is. As we giggled and canoodled, Daddy slid his hands up my legs, giving my bum a gentle pat. I smirked feeling my cheeks warm. I love how he commands my body with ease. “You’re so soft… so sexy” he mumbled on my lips between kisses. Every cell in my body felt electrified!

Like a light switch it was everything I needed to hear to get completely, and totally turned on. Suffice it to say that between kisses and touching, my hand slid “south of the border” beginning to stroke Daddy’s thick cock. He growled in appreciation. My green eyes looked up at him as I shifted down the bed a bit. “May I?” I purred, a smirk on my lips. Always the good girl, I love to ask for permission. “Please do” he smirked, and my lips slipped over the head, taking him in my mouth at last.

At last I could taste him on my tongue. At last I could feel him throb in my mouth. At last I could taste his seed on my tongue. It was definitely worth the wait… I can’t wait to write to you all more tomorrow. Goodnight my friends ❤



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