Vacation with Daddy- Day 2: Sometimes You Just Have to Talk

Good Morning Friends,

Yesterday was such a looooong day for both Daddy and I, so I apologize for not posting last night. In a moment, you’ll understand why. Daddy had to work while he’s out here visiting, so I was keeping myself occupied for most of the day. This is no easy feat for a silly kitten like me, but I did my best. Finally Daddy came back to the hotel and I could tell he was bushed but glad to be with me. We had both decided that last night we would spend the bulk of the night talking, and really diving into those areas of our relationship that needed more attention. We got comfortable and began to talk. One… Two… Three… and even four hours rolled by as we talked our heads off.

There’s something incredibly refreshing getting so candid with your partner. At one point in the conversation I even said to him, “I feel like I’m naked right now! (giggle) I never talk THIS open for this long”. He smirked at me. But it was needed, and so we went there. We looked into each other’s eyes, resisting the temptation to make love. We needed to tackle things on the more D/s side of our bond. Biting my lip timidly, I peered at him. There was a question burning in my chest that I needed to ask. I knew that I didn’t need to ask permission to pour out my guts.


“So…” I said slowly, “I think… finally being here with you… I’ve realized that I’m a bit more of a masochist than I realized”. I was testing the waters of the conversation. Cautiously placing my toe in the waters to gauge his reaction. He gave me an intrigued look to continue. “How do you feel about an impact play session tomorrow night?” I asked softly. Without hesitation he lit up. “Let’s do it!” he grinned and my heart fluttered. I brought my crop, along with a wooden hairbrush, and of course… Daddy’s hand.

Daddy and I are the type that can’t sit still for too long. So as we spoke, we shifted naturally around the room, moving as needed. At some point in the conversation we began discussing little space and my need to regress. It’s a part of my life that (clearly!) I’m quite open about. I like sharing this part of me with the world. It feels right. Suddenly, sitting on the floor with criss-crossed legs, looking up at Daddy he looked down at me with this gaze that was so…. dominating. Commanding. He stroked my hair. “How old are you?” he asked me. This is a code sentence that I’ve created because it shifts me into little space in a flash.

In a heartbeat, little me came out to play. My lips curled playfully and I began to squirm with happy smiles at his feet. I could see him aroused, looking at me. I wasn’t dressed in Little clothing. I didn’t need to be. He was in love with me. All of me, including little me. It intrigued him, and I was drawing him in. My eyes trailed down his body until they rested on his swollen cock. Without a word he stood and slid down his shorts exposing himself to me. He sat back down on the bed, rock hard before me. I gave him a sly smirk moving onto my knees. Neither of us needed to say a word. In that moment I craved sucking his cock. (I’ll admit it… it’s one of my favorite things to do in bed).

He stroked his fingers through my hair as I took his cock in my mouth. My mouth is actually quite small and his cock is so thick. My mouth was full as I slid down the shaft, my saliva coating him. “Can you take all of me, baby girl?” he moaned quietly. I tried pushing him to the back of my throat, gagging a bit, wanting to please Daddy. He growled in appreciation seeing me try my best. I pulled back slightly, lapping over him, my tongue swirling and coaxing him to release. Yes, we were having an intense talk that night. Yes, it was unlikely that we would have sex. But, I wanted Daddy to cum and feel release after a long day at work. Moments later he gripped my hair tightly as his seed coated my tongue filling my mouth. Swallowing his cum, I lapped at the head a few times, giving it a playful flick before finally sliding back to smile up at him. He looked so relaxed and proud of me.

We slowly shifted into comfortable positions again. The conversation continued. We spoke until the whites of our eyes turned bleary and red. Finally, exhausted, spent, happy, and on the same page… it was time for bed. I don’t even think I dreamed last night. All I know is that tonight is going to be a GREAT night.

Have a wonderful day, my friends. Stay tuned for more fun posts on here, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. Well… I’m glad I wasn’t the only one celebrating last night, I’ll say that much hehe. I wrote a blog, but then my internet crashed and WordPress didn’t save it.. so, cool!

    Sometimes talking is the most important thing that you can do. Sir and I agreed the other day to go through the checklist together and pick out the things we both want to do, and things that one wants to do and not the other. We did the list separately then compiled them, so there was no fear of judgement. A lot of the things we both agreed on (including riding crops!) but there were some things I couldn’t give him, like I don’t share his love of bruising, even an itty bit. he loves biting my breasts and leaving marks and for me it’s a no no. A mark that lasts an hour is fine, but more than that is a no.

    The really amazing thing is we never stop learning and exploring once we’re together, and you’ll probably find that, too. You talk about kink like you talk about the weather or politics. When you play, you play, and in between times, it’s just like anything else you share and discuss,

    Big hugs to you, my friend!

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    1. I’m so excited for you, Elena! That’s a wonderful step for you and Sir to take together. In the kink lifestyle, as you know, those checklists are deeply important. Daddy and I have done one together. And hubby and I have done one together too. They really allow you to understand each other’s desires in a way that sometimes a simple conversation just don’t cover.
      You’re so right. Relationships are a journey. A gentle walk, side by side, with the ones we love and cherish. We evolve together, and slowly age. Our desires and fantasies shift and as such, we never stop talking. We continue to explore. We continue to peel away those layers to always stay connected to our partner/s. I’m absolutely beaming with happiness over here for you, and for me, and for all of us. Here’s to love and relationships that last for years and years to come!
      Big hugs to you too!
      ~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  2. You’re right, Punkin’. Talking was definitely needed last night in many different ways. A beautiful recount of yesterday’s events too. I’ll post my thoughts a little later today.

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  3. *squeal* sounds like so much fun!!! ♥ Daddy and i talk like that on a regular basis. ohhh… i love that you got encouragement as a little for blowjobs. 🙂 One of those things i love!!!

    Daddy & i haven’t done a checklist before. Seems like we should. i like how Elena and her Sir did it. Separately and then together. i might ask Daddy to do it this weekend… which is TODAY!!!

    i love hearing about what’s going on and how things just fit between you two. makes my heart smile!

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