Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 5: Enjoying Tea (or Coffee) Time

Chubby Little Challenge Banner

Good Morning Friends,

I’m sitting here with a blissful smile on my face. Between the love I get from my family, and the love that I have with Daddy C, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. ❀ Today’s little challenge is to snap a picture of you soaking up a quiet moment with a cup of tea or coffee. Why? Because we are adult littles. We are still biologically legal adults who need a bit of caffeine, or a quiet moment, to reflect upon our lives. For me, tea time is practically sacred. I take my time making my tea. I have my own order in which I prepare it. It took me time to sort through various kinds of black teas before I settled in Builders Tea as my drink of choice. It took me time to shift from using sugar to using agave nectar, and even then, I know exactly how much to put into my mug. In its own way, making my tea is a meditation of its own. A moment in which I can be “Big Me” while still adding elements of little me. I pour my tea into a mug that reads: Are you kitten me right meow? (lol).

It’s appropriate, as I see myself as a feisty kitten. I’m curious. I question things. I soak in moments to the fullest. I’m deeply feeling, and I won’t hold back from expressing emotion. Even when I’m quiet, you can read my feelings in my green eyes, and my facial expressions. I’m a very expressive person.

Tea time allows for me to slow down. To feel whimsical with dainty cups and little foods, while still being in the head space of “Big Me”. It’s a marriage of both parts of me that I embrace in this moment. Today, I lift my mug to all of you, my friends, and thank you for being here. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for being your most authentic self. The world needs color, variety, and people willing to march to their own beat. The world needs people…. like YOU.

Have a beautiful day. So much love and hugs to you!

~Kitten/Punkin Xx



    1. Hehe that still totally counts! πŸ˜‰ I love biscuits with my tea too! I spend a few more dollars, okay a lot lol, to buy custard creams to nibble on. They’re so expensive here, but with tea… it’s sublime. Xx


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