Vacation with Daddy Day 3: Our First Impact Play Session

Good Morning Friends,

Last night, I needed Daddy like I needed a drink of water. I had gotten inside of my head, and felt ugly. I felt fat. I had weighed myself in the downstairs gym and damned myself at the 2 lbs. gained. Never mind that I’m PMSing. Never mind that I’m on vacation and eating differently than I do at home. I was angry at myself, and so I sent Daddy a text while he was at work, telling him that I was “having a day”. Suddenly he texted back that he was on the way and would see me shortly. We had planned to have our first impact play session, but I wasn’t sure if it would happen. Laying in the bed waiting for him, the last thing I wanted to do was to lay there, or stand there, being whipped with the crop. All I wanted was him. I wanted his kisses. I wanted his love and support. I wanted his gentle and rough touches. So as soon as he knocked on my room door I yanked it open and blurted out, “Thank God you’re here”!

I think he was taken aback lol.

He came in, ever calm, cool, and collected and proceeded to sit down getting comfortable while I crawled into the bed all grumpy. He let me vent. He let me ramble, and get the frustration out of my system. He let me get just enough out before his finger touched my lips. “You’re beautiful” he said, not in a partner kind of tone. But in a dominant kind of tone. It was a command, and I had better pay attention: I was beautiful. Period. His hands slid down my body slowly. “This is mine” he said, kissing and loving on each part, “and it is beautiful”. He built me up whilst I moaned with pleasure. My stress began to melt away. By the time he had covered my body in a blanket of love and caresses I didn’t give a you-know-what about those 2 pounds! (lol).

With each tender kiss he peeled away my clothing. I was laying before him naked on the bed. I began to squeeze my thighs together, when he yanked them apart and gave them a loving smack. I’ve never had my thighs smacked like that before, and instantly I got wet. My lips parted, exhaling with desire. His fingers snaked into my princess parts and for the next… I don’t know how many minutes… he worked on me, making me squeal, squirm, and writhe in ecstasy. “I want your cock!” I panted, yearning to serve him with my mouth. Our eyes met, and suddenly he said: You’re only getting Daddy’s cock when I say you can. 

My eyes widened in shock! I had been refused! That’s never happened before. I began to pout, thinking I could win him over with a little space pout. Oooooh how wrong I was!

“Flip over” he growled, and obediently I rolled onto my tummy. I had no idea what he was going to do next. I had consented to a crop, his hand, and a wooden hairbrush. We had spoken about my safe-words, but still I was nervous, but in a thrilling way. The kind of nervous you get before going on a roller coaster. I wanted it. I wanted to do this kind of play badly. Daddy is quite experienced with S&M which made me ever more enticed to play with him.


I felt the crop on my bare ass as he stroked it for a moment. And then the flick happened. The first sting landed. It was warm and soothing. I moaned, spreading my legs apart a little more. I was hooked on the feeling. Several more lashes came, and the pain began to tingle my skin. Now I was dancing on the line of pain and pleasure, but I felt so connected to him in the moment. He worked his way back and forth from each cheek as my moans turned to whimpers which turned to yelps and pants, as I tried to hang on. I wanted to fight back mentally. I was hanging on as long as I could. I wanted to find my pain threshold. The strikes landed with deeper intensity and it was all I could do to dig deep within myself to absorb the pleasure, before another one landed. Finally I crested over into the land of pain and used my safe-word.

What happened next, I could have never imagined.

In a flash, Daddy grabbed some soothing lotion and began massaging my rump. It was sore and very red. At first I felt embarrassed. My butt is big! And here he was kneading it like… bread dough. His large hands massaged in the lotion as he worked his way to my lower back, giving me the most amazing aftercare massage ever! His aftercare was absolutely glorious and I felt so loved. Cherished. I felt beautiful. “Turn your head” he growled, and finally I was able to get my reward. Turning my head he had his cock at my lips, and with a deep need I pushed him to the back of my throat. He snaked his hands in my hair. Suddenly they gripped and he began to thrust into my mouth. I moaned, enjoying the moment completely. As he slowed, I slid my tongue down the underside of his shaft to his balls. I wanted to work over him with a sense of worship. I wanted to thank him for all of his love and care. Finally he came in my mouth, and we both felt at peace.

We snuggled so tight, exchanging words of love. Our bodies were warm. So warm that they began to grow sweaty and sticky, but I didn’t dare move and I knew he wasn’t going to either until he was sure that I was settled. As we snuggled, I began to come down from the high. I was in his arms. I was safe. I was loved. I was his. ❤ Eventually, I moved first to go turn on some music. We both began to get ready to shower, rocking out all the way. As we cleaned up and our night continued, I was on cloud nine. My body felt fantastic. Suddenly my cell phone dinged. I peered at it and blinked. Daddy had taken photos of our impact play! (Note: I had given my consent to photos/video way before we ever met up in person). Nervously I tapped and downloaded all of the images. Scrolling through I stopped on one.

There I was face down on the bed. My curvy, pale body was still with legs wide apart. Red lashes were over my rump in a way that was…. sexy! I looked sexy!! I tilted my head staring at myself. I had no idea he had taken a picture of me in that moment, so the image was raw, real, and just me. My butt was big but my waist was small. I looked up at him shocked. “Daddy!” I gasped, “Beyonce has nothing on my ass!”. I giggled feeling powerful and attractive. “Damn straight” he smirked and gave me a loving look. I’ll cherish these photos deeply.

As the night moved on I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a round 2. I wasn’t sure what Daddy had in store. But the night ended up being perfect. Simply perfect. We did step four. We decompressed… for another four hours. This time I was the one gushing. Together we took a mental stroll, meandering through anything and everything. I never get tired of talking to him. ❤ I could talk to him forever. 🙂 I felt so…. at peace. I had no idea that impact play could be so powerful. I had no idea that I would discover things about myself, and our bond, within this moment of S&M. I had no idea that this trip would keep getting better and better. But it has, and continues to be.

“Daddy” I said, growing tired as it went late into the night, “if there was only ONE thing that we could do before we both have to go home…. what would you want to do?”. He smiled at me and without hesitation said, “impact play”. I guess there will be a round two. 😉 Stay tuned for more adventures as we go out on our first real “formal” date tonight!

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday! If you enjoyed this post, smash that like button and let me know. Hit the follow button if you’re new here, and I will see you back here for the next topic! ❤

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx

PS- Don’t forget to hop over to “The Wild Wood” and show Daddy C some love on his blog as he posts his perspective on last night’s play session. Xx


  1. Really enjoyed reading your update. Funny enough, I was talking to Sir about flogging and stress relief this evening because it’s a big deal for me. Riding crops too… they bring out something else! I hope you both habe a lovely week together and you enjoy round two! 🙂

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  2. Your post made me cry… more than once! ♥ Happy tears. The joy of seeing yourself through the eyes a man who loves you and thinks you’re the sexiest thing on Earth is a feeling beyond words. I’m so happy you got to experience this. ♥ Daddy and i just talked about exploring impact play a bit more last night after doing our checklist. You’ve inspired me.

    Liked by 1 person

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