Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 6: Take a Nap!

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Good Morning Friends!

Today I want you to show me those bedheads, because it’s time to take a nap! As a Little, I’m one of those people who usually fights taking a nap. My brain wanders. I squirm. I struggle to get relaxed enough to actually sleep. There have been so many times that my husband will tuck me in, and then seeing me lay there with a look of displeasure say, “alright, fine. At least rest”. <Ha! Victory is mine!!!> my brain thinks. But in all honesty, sleep is important. There was a time in my life where my anxiety was so bad that I hardly slept. It tanked my mood. It crashed my immune system, and I felt like the walking dead constantly. It took years for me to understand how important proper sleep is.

Today, I want to expand upon that.

Isn’t it funny how when we’re very young children, they put us down for a nap and we fight it? Teachers roll out the kindergarten mats to get the class to rest for 30 minutes. Little bodies squirm trying to get comfortable, until you finally drift off into peaceful slumbers. The body resets. Stress and anxiousness stills. And we are at peace. While our adult lives can be hectic and non-conducive to napping, today I challenge you to schedule a nap time this weekend AND make it part of your little space. Grab a plushie and snuggle up in your favorite spot. It could be outside under a beautiful, shady tree. It could be in a mound of pillows in your bed. The goal is to focus on rest and relaxation, because we all deserve a break. Your body needs a break. Slip into something comfortable and just let go.

Today’s photo is a picture of my bedhead. I haven’t washed my face yet, or gotten ready. This is me as raw and real as it gets (lol). But there are several elements that I use to nap while still feeling little. I hug Mutsy close to my face. I love feeling his fur. I put blankie beneath my head. It’s so soft against my skin. And I position my bed pillows like an L so that I’m fully supported. Once I have those things in place, I’m off to dreamland.

How do you prefer to sleep? What do you need to successfully nap? Comment and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned for more posts as we journey forth in the “30 Days of the Chubby Little Challenge”!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


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