Hello. My Name is Cosmos. [Happy Ramblings]

Good Morning Friends,

Sometimes the greatest blessings come when we least expect them. I wasn’t looking for Daddy C when we suddenly came together in the most beautiful way. Last night, another blessing entered my life. I say, entered, but it was more like trotted, weaving in and around my legs. You see, I live on a 5 acre farm. Last night, my daughter and I went out to feed the chickens. Clucking away, we fed the chickens when I noticed a black and white cat looking on nearby. <Oh no! That cat is going to attack the chickens!!> I thought frantically, but suddenly the cat had no interest in the chickens…. but wanted love instead.

Cat: 1 Laptop: 0 Hehe!

It came over, weaving around my daughter’s legs for affection. Instantly my kiddo swooned. This cat was all skin and bones, shivering from hunger. She was a pathetic, but adorable mess. There was no collar and had clearly been a stray for a bit. We watched her trying to catch field mice in the potholes that dotted the land for a bit. Silently, my husband, daughter, and I looked at each other. Was this a sign?, we wondered. We weren’t “in the market” for a pet. We knew that we wanted to get one eventually but… we weren’t sure when the “right time” was.

After several minutes of silent deliberation, we began to walk back towards our tiny home. The cat followed. Up the stairs we went, and suddenly they walked through the door and made themselves at home. I say they/them because truthfully, I have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl! “They’re like… a cosmic creature” I said smiling, referencing one of my childhood favorite movies, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”. The cat purred like a freight train as we laid down milk for it to lap up hungrily. My husband raced to the grocery store to buy cat food and a litter box.

Passed out cold lol

“I think…. we’ll call you, Cosmos” I whispered. The cat nudged my palm and then proceeded to lay on my laptop, thwarting all plans of typing. I giggled. It was nice to care for such a small, innocent creature. Just as suddenly as she was laying on my laptop did they flop on my husbands stomach to pass out. We still need to talk to our landlords to make sure that it’s okay for the cat to stay… so we’re staying hopeful.

And until then, I’m praying that I can say: Welcome home, Cosmos. Welcome home.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


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