Middles & Teen Regressors Module, Part 4: Spotlight Interview with Mr. & Mrs. McDaddy

Good Afternoon Friends,

As I sat here watching the breeze blow through the wildflowers outside, I realized how lucky we all are.

There are approximately 8 billion people on the planet.

Of those 8 billion people, most of them are “vanilla” or people who do not practice any form of kink.

The remaining rest of us, though small in number, are a colorful, eclectic, sexy, and vibrant group of people who do practice some form of BDSM.

Of those who practice BDSM, there are an even smaller number of people who practice Cg/l.

Which brings us to our little community. Us. Littles. 🙂

*waves* Hi fellow Littles, Daddies, and Mommies!! Hi fellow kinky friends!! I hope you all are having a great day. Isn’t it nice to think of this small bubble as our own little world? Across time and space we connect with one another in the shared interest of similar tastes and preferences. We write about the things we enjoy, in hopes that we can aid another person in our community. For me, this is why I write. I simply want to share my thoughts, feelings, and creative ideas with all of you. It’s that simple. ❤

Today’s spotlight interview comes from one of our own. A fellow Little/Middle and her husband who is an excellent blogger and a great friend. These two people have fantastic blogs that you should check out! Yes, today’s interview spotlights:

Go show them some love! Smash that follow button, and like their posts because I know you’re going to enjoy them as much as I do.

Today’s interview had several purposes: 

  1. I wanted to interview a person that aligned with the Middle headspace some or all of the time.
  2. I wanted to spotlight a fellow Cg/l couple in the community to spread more love and awareness as to whom is out there.
  3. I wanted to interview a “Seasoned” couple who has years of experience in BDSM, to give a more balanced view of their dynamic.
  4. I wanted to delve into the mindset of Middle-space to show how it can differ from little space that we so often hear about.

Mr. & Mrs. McDaddy have been kind enough to step forward and answer all of my questions at length with clarity, patience, and understanding. It is my hope that you all get as much insight and enjoyment out of this interview as I did. Now, let’s dive in. ❤

The Basics:

·The Name You & Your Dominant Prefer to Be Called: Daddy & kitten

·Ages: He’s 52 and I’m 47

·How You Identify on the Dominant Spectrum (Owner, Master, Daddy, Sir, etc.): Master

·How You Identify on the Submissive Spectrum (Slave, Little, Middle, Adult Baby, Pet, Ponygirl, etc.): babygirl

·How long you both have been practicing BDSM: 10 years for Daddy.  29 years on and off for me.


Submissive Questions:

How did you first get into the BDSM lifestyle? And what kind of experience did you have? 

I’ve always met and been in relationship with kinky men starting with my very first boyfriend.  I guess I just scream submissive & kinky in a way I’m not really aware.  I’ve grown into the BDSM lifestyle with understanding and knowledge a lot in the last 3 years.  I’ve had some bad experiences along my journey with doms who took advantage of my natural submissive tendencies before I learned about safety, consent and to truly identify that I’m submissive. My experience in this area has led me to be very open about being submissive in hopes that talking about it and sharing my experiences good and bad can help another sub safely navigate their journey.  I think my best experiences in BDSM have been in formal training by a Dom and building the trust to try all sorts of new things I wouldn’t think of myself or consider prior to the foundation of the relationship.  My relationship with Daddy is the first DD/lg relationship I’ve really had.  For a million reasons it fits like a glove… what I’ve been looking for all my life.

How did you learn about the Cg/l lifestyle? When did you discover that you’re a Little? 

I started to discover I’m a little in my last D/s relationship.It wasn’t until I met Daddy that my little side came out in full force.  It’s a new experience and I’m still learning about myself and the dynamic.  It’s an adventure every day! 🙂  When I started discovering I have a little side, I joined groups on Fetlife for Daddies and babygirls.  I read a lot.  I asked my dom questions.  Most of my knowledge comes from living it 24/7 with Daddy.  Being the curious kitten I am, I look into everything I’m interested in and soak up as much as humanly possible.

Within the spectrum of age regression, what traits and qualities make you identify as a Middle?

I actually identify as a Little.  I regress to as young as 4 up to 15.  It’s really difficult for me to address all of these questions from the perspective of a Middle because I’m not a true middle. I run the spectrum slipping seamlessly between little and middle on a regular basis.  True little space is when I’m safe with Daddy and I can let go of all my adult responsibilities and just BE.  Having that Middle space allows me to remain somewhat little most of the time while still functioning in the world and getting things done.  I think the part of me that’s a Middle is the sexual side of my regression.  It’s how I flirt and dress and interact in the world. I have a playful, exuberant, innocence about me that’s sexy and flirtatious without meaning to or trying.  Most of my  wardrobe is from Forever 21… frilly dresses, mini skirts, sparkly t-shirts, pink tennis shoes and little girl socks typical of a girl that’s 12-14.  I’m giggly and silly… a playful brat who wants to make Daddy laugh.  I follow the rules and am a good girl, but I test the limits for the thrill of getting away with the little things… you know, the sneaky pre-teen who’s still innocent and obedient, but starting to test the waters with being an adult.

What was your first experience with age regression? Can you describe your Middle headspace for us and what that looks like for you?

I can’t pinpoint my first experience with age regression.  It’s always been a part of me, the difference has been having a Daddy Dom who loves and enjoys that part of me so it’s safe and I’m not shamed for it.  The first time with Daddy was pretty special. 🙂  From our second day chatting He’s tucked me in at night.  We were just about a month into our relationship when we were going through our tuck in routine over the phone and He said the magical words… “Daddy has you”.  I instantly hit what we call “melty kitten”, the state of being totally submissive and little adoring Him.  It was at that point that the DD/lg dynamic was solidified between us.  There was no going back.♥

Middle space for me is where I function at home as a house~kitten and frequently when I’m out in the world with or without Daddy.  Inside I feel free to be ME no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  Play, laugh, be silly, dress anyway I want to and not care what anyone thinks.  Dance and wiggle in the playful way I tease Daddy.  I feel outgoing and curious… but I’m also more sensitive and things bother me which may not otherwise.  Daddy quotes this cartoon often and I have no idea who it is, but the character says, “You don’t know me. I’ll do what I want” in a snarky tone.  That’s kinda the place my head is in.  I’ll be good and get things done and if anyone other than Daddy doesn’t like they can stuff it.  lol

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a Middle?

It’s the Middle part of me that LOVES to take care of Daddy and make Him happy.  Make His lunches and bake fun treats for us to try together.  I like to do things to get all the positive reinforcement and praise from Him.  Crank up the EDM/techno while I’m cleaning house or cooking and dance around having fun. Long phone calls and visits with my friends… to the point of losing track of time and not getting things done.  Roaming the malls and stores looking and touching everything I see.  lol  This one I slip between little and middle readily.  Watching horror movies with Daddy.  BLOGGING is a favorite middle activity.  Painting the house, playing in the garden.  I guess if it’s active and interesting I’ll be into it at least for a little while.  My sex drive also peaks when I’m in middle space… mostly because I’m relaxed and feel playful and flirty.

How long have you and your Daddy been together? And how did you meet?

May 1, 2018 Daddy saw my picture on Fetlife and sent me a PM asking how my night was.  It’s all history from there.  *giggle*  A fun little fact, in that first night I asked Him what drew His attention to my profile and made Him want to talk to me.  He said, “I saw that face and I had to know you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”.  He’s a charmer!  We knew after that first night chatting that we are destined to be, but it took a few weeks for us to fully commit to be sure.  We consider May 1st my collaring date.  We got married on  Feb 7, 2019.  We’re still newly weds.♥

I know you’ve shared that you two were a long distance Dd/lg couple first. How long were you long distance before he moved to the west coast to be with you?

Things moved really quickly for us.  lol  Even still we can’t hardly stand being apart from one another. 6 months from the time we met online until He moved out here to be with me.  We met in May, I flew out to meet Him in late July and He moved here in late October.

What are some strategies you used to cope with the distance apart?

Honestly, being long distance was hard from the first day, but it was much harder after we spent a week together back East. We knew what we had waiting for us and needed time to make forever happen.  We stayed in almost constant contact.  Regular phone calls and texting as much as humanly possible helped significantly.  We engaged on Facebook and Fetlife in fun, natural exchanges which felt more like we were together talking about normal stuff and sharing friends.  We had a few times which were set in stone as our times which neither of us missed. Talking about the future and what our life would be like together helped significantly!♥

What are some ways that you both weave in time for play sessions in daily life?

OK, so I used to make fun of couples like us. lol We’re one of those couples who loves spending every minute humanly possible together. 😉  Daddy works and I take care of the house.  We structure our life in a way which puts us first in all ways and it naturally leads to more play time.  When things get busy or stressful, which thankfully isn’t often, we talk about creating a day or at least a segment of time to de-stress together and make playtime a priority.  I live by the motto that:  Sex is a misdemeanor. The more I miss the meaner I get. 😉  Daddy agrees!!!

What are some things that you do to help push you into “Middle Space”?

When life is smooth and calm, I spend the majority of my time sailing through little or middle space.  There are occasions where I need to help it along because I’ve gotten caught up in the stresses of adulthood and really need the release.  One of the fastest ways is getting into nature. Taking Ruffi for a walk along the creek and seeing him happy and zooming to soak in the experience is a sure fire way to slip into middle space.  Bubble baths are another.  Don’t laugh!  OK, you can, but don’t tell me. *giggling*  Cranking up the oldies  like The Andrew Sisters, big band music, Dean Martin and the list goes on is a sure fire way to get my toe tapping and shift me into that fun middle space.  Try listening to The Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy of Company B and see if it doesn’t make you a bit happier and more free. 😉

On your blog you’ve expressed that you and your Daddy don’t participate in age play. What would you say are your main motivations for regressing in age?

Age play has been something that Daddy and I have slowly grown into over time.  It’s not all the time or a necessary part of our sex life, but it is there.  There was a hesitancy on both of our parts to touch it for the longest time and even more so to call it that when we started dipping our toes in the water.  I’ve been meaning to update that on my blog and keep forgetting.  Kink and sex are very much a motivation for my age regression, though not the only one. 😉  On my side, I like feeling smaller, helpless, vulnerable, easily persuaded, innocent, the freedom to flirt and tease in that comfort zone of being sweet, innocent, playful without full responsibility for my actions and being “taught how” is a huge part of age play for me.

Age play is a component of my motivations, though my main motives are about my emotions of being loved, protected, safe, free, playful and able to fully express myself in all my ways with the joy of having a Daddy in my life who dotes on me and enjoys all there is for me to share. 🙂

Dominant Questions:

How did you first discover that you’re a dominant and are interested in the D/s lifestyle?

I’m not really sure how I discovered it.. it’s just kind of always been me. Being the only male in a completely female household, I’ve always been a protector, leader and captain.  In my twenties I discovered BDSM porn and it really resonated with me.  About ten years ago an online friend asked if I’d heard of Fetlife.  I said no and they suggested strongly I check it out and become a member.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Did you have previous D/s relationships before connecting with Jodie?

Not really.  I have participated in some BDSM play,but nothing serious.

How would you describe your style and mentality as a dominant? Do you take a more relaxed approach towards your daily domination of your wife, or do you take a more stern/forceful approach in the day to day life?

Relaxed, but there is no question as to my role. I take my status quite seriously.  I find results are better not being too stern.

How do you support Jodie in being a Middle? What are some things you do, as her dominant, to help her regress into the headspace?

Jodie is mostly little when I’m around unless we go out. As her Daddy, I handle everything when we’re out so she can just be herself.  A big part of what I do to support her out in public is monitoring the environment so she can just relax and have fun.  I take her on dates to do fun things for the joy of watching her be in little and middle space.  She lightens up the mood and brings a lot of joy to our relationship.

Giving her chores to complete is almost a sure fire way to help her regress into middle space. She knows that doing her chores makes Daddy happy.  The biggest thing I do to help her get into and stay in middle and little space is provide an environment where she can freely be little all of the time.  It’s not so much what I do on individual instances, but the overall structure of our life.  She’s my kitten.  I handle the big stuff outside so she can be my pretty, happy house-kitten.

What are some kinks and fetishes that you two share together and enjoy exploring?

Fur fetish and play.  Lingerie and heels.  Erotic hypnosis.  Abduction play which tends to have a strong age play component (innocent girl in distress). We’re starting to explore impact play.

Do you feel that the kink lifestyle has had a positive or negative impact on your life together, and why?

100% positive.  It was our introduction to each other.  It’s the foundation of who we are as a couple.

What are some goals that you have in the future as a Dd/lg couple? What are some things you both are looking forward to doing together in the D/s headspace?

I don’t have a kink bucket list!  lol  We are going to the Folsom Street Fair later this month to explore the D/s side of our relationship more.  We’re both really open to trying new things which appeal to both of us.  One things Jodie has expressed is the desire to create a face-to-face community of Daddies and babygirls and BDSM in general.  We’ve been looking into some rope classes that work with my schedule.

Last question! Jodie has mentioned that you likely have some crazy stories from working in the hospitality industry. (Hehe!) Would you mind sharing a hilarious story with us?😊 

Around ’92 or ’93 I was working as the director of security for a very high end, luxury hotel in Cambridge Mass.  Received a call in my office about 10 pm from the on duty room service waiter, Rick, telling me without explanation to get to the 10th floor with my master key.  Hopped up, hit the elevator running. Got to the 10th floor, Came around the corner, saw Rick standing in front of A person trying to shield him from view. Said person was none other than legendary film star, let’s call him, Jack N *wink wink* in his tighty whities.  I started to laugh as Rick stepped aside and Mr. N looked me dead in the eye and said (insert your best Jack N voice here) “Stepped out to put the room service tray in the hall and the goddamned door slammed behind me!” I laughed, said “No problem, Mr. N” opened his door, let him in without incident.


Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


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