Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 12: Go to Your Favorite Place in Nature

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Good Evening Friends,

The weather has been so strange lately. I woke up freezing this morning at 4:30 am and raced around my little home turning on all of the space heaters. Then the sun came out and heat descended upon the mesa that I live on. It’s that odd space where it’s not quite summer anymore but Fall isn’t yet here. I’ll be glad when it finally rolls around. If you would have asked me one week ago where my favorite place in nature is, I would have told you that I love being out on the ocean. And I still do, very much so. My heart lies with the sea. When I’m away from the water for too long I feel sad. But today’s challenge is to go to your favorite spot in nature and soak it in. Mine happens to be literally two feet outside of my front door.

You see, a few days ago a stray cat entered my life. Her name is Cosmos. She’s a bi-color cat and a picky little princess. She loves belly rubs and afternoon naps. Though my landlords said she couldn’t live inside our home, we decided to turn our tiny porch into the Ritz and bought a cat house (with a heating and cooling pad), toys, and a silvery glitter collar that jingles. Yeah, she’s getting mighty spoiled these days. She’s also loving the gentle, grain-free whole-hearted tuna and salmon cat food that we purchase for her. So where is my favorite spot in nature? It’s with Cosmos, sitting on my front porch. 🙂

I go out there several times a day to love on her. I smile, listening to her purr as she lays in my lap. I watch over her as she roams the fields, never letting her get too far away. She adores chasing the little lizards, birds, and field mice that roam around. She gets her huntress fix, and I sleep well at night knowing that there are no critters around my house (lol).

Where is your favorite place in nature? Snap and pic and let me see! Or comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

And now without further delay, here is a video I took this evening of Cosmos giving herself a bath after I rubbed her down with a cooling towel. 🙂

Have a beautiful night, my friends. And I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. My favorite place in nature is a 3 hour drive north, but well worth it. It is called “Split Rock Lighthouse State Park” on the shores of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. Lake Superior is like a vast inland freshwater ocean, cold and deep, next to the vast greenery of the Minnesota Northwoods. It is an amazing place.

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  2. My favorite spot is Armstrong Woods. Really,, anywhere there are big trees, fresh air, little creatures and no civilization. The craggy ocean rocks where I can get away from people are also a favorite. I miss my childhood of sailing and spending as much time as possible out in nature. ♥ Thank you for the nice stroll down memory lane.

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      1. I sure did. 🙂 My mom had a 27′ O’Day racing boat. I never learned to sail single-handedly, but I sure loved sailing!!!! I miss it terribly. I ran around the yacht club from my early teens, too. Sequoia Yacht Club. 🙂 It’s not a super posh club, though very nice. BBQ’s Friday night and members going down and doing all the maintenance on the clubhouse and stuff. It was a really nice lifestyle. One I hope Stephen and I can have one day. ♥

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