Middles & Teen Regressors Module, Part 8: Let’s Discuss Middle Space

Good Morning Friends!

Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend! Woohoo! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Today I’d like to dive into the mindset of a Middle. As a “seasoned” Little, there are times when I regress more into a Middle mindset. I can’t regress all the way down to my normal 5 year old self. Instead, I choose an age that is younger, but still has a bit of flexibility and independence to it. This helps satiate my need to be small, while staying true to my feelings. Are you ready to learn more about Middle Space? Then, let’s dive in.


I. Being Hungry For Love:Β 

When I think back to my 13 year old self, I was absolutely boy crazy. Back then, “Dawson’s Creek” was wildly popular on TV, so my bedroom was filled with posters of James Van Der Beek. It was a time when I tuned into “7th Heaven” and “Saved By The Bell”. Hormones were flowing and every girl that I knew of, drew their initials and their crushes’ on their notebook, complete with a heart around it. Early adolescence is the time when everything is just beginning to blossom. Suddenly you go from having zero interest in your peers, to taking a fancy in a special someone. Your body begins to change. You yearn to feel “grown up”. Girls try to look “sexy” in their very first bra. It’s in this mindset of feeling youthful, fresh-faced, and adventurous that we come to the first part of the Middle mindset. You’re hungry for attention.

Note: There are exceptions to every rule. These are merely my opinions and feelings in Middle Space. πŸ™‚Β 

Part of my Middle side is yearning for attention from my partners. I feel young, vibrant, and ready to take on the world. I explore fashion that is slightly edgy and form-fitting. Mind you, I do draw the line at wearing revealing clothing, but that is more of a personal preference. But in middle space I turn into a hopeless romantic. I long to go on dates and walk hand in hand. I long to be wooed with a bouquet of daisies, and a letter to make me melt. You get the idea. πŸ˜‰

II. Being a Bit More Bold:Β 

Now, if you’ve hung around my blog for a while, you likely know my stance on “bratting”. By nature, I am a good girl. I like to obey the rules of Daddy C and Cappy Cap. 99% of the time I don’t ever dare to brat my caregivers because they are busy men with enough on their plates. However, when I’m feeling more middle, every now and then I will playfully “act out” just to get a little rise out of them. I’ll give you an example. While on vacation last week with Daddy C, he and I were talking. “I have a question!”I chirped. “Ask away” he said smoothly. I hesitated for a second and began to smirk. I wanted to push his buttons and “test the waters” to see what he would do if I teased him a bit. “Never mind!” I said quickly and began to grin. “No, ask your question” he insisted. “Nu uh!” I grinned at him. He slowly turned his head and gave me “the look”. Mission accomplished! I squeaked and hid my face, giggling into the bed. If I had a tail in that moment, it would have been wagging. “Ask your question, Punkin” he said in a more serious tone. So, I asked my question (lol). But, it was totally worth it just to see his face get all stern and “grrr” on it, hehe!

In Middle Space you feel a bit more daring to push the limits. You’re still learning your borders and boundaries and what happens when you step over the line. Fortunately for me, I have two dominants who are happy to spank my rump when I step out of line. So this little Kitten tries to mind her manners and not break many rules, lest I want to walk around with a sore bottom!

III. Middle Space as a Kink:Β 

Now, while my little space is wholesome and pure, I have to admit that I’m fully aware of the kink side of our community. There are many Littles and Middles who view the lifestyle as a kink, and that’s absolutely fine. There are many Cg/l manufacturers that produce clothing for Littles that leans towards the kink side of the community. Onesies will have a heart cut out at the bust area. Words such as “Daddy’s” is printed on the rump of onesies and knee high socks draw attention to a little’s legs. Is there anything wrong with this? Not really. If you don’t regress as a kink, then it’s just important to be mindful about what attire you choose to wear. This is especially true for Middles as they already have a difficult time being sexualized by society. But there are many Middles who do use middle space as a kink. They enjoy the feeling of regressing into a teen mindset and exploring their sexual fantasies and desires. They enjoy the feeling of being sweet and naughty all at the same time. It can be a fun mental and physical space to explore if you’ve never tried it before.

IV. Using Middle Space for Self Care:Β 

The last point I’d like to mention is for all of my fellow “seasoned” (older) Littles and Middles out there. As an almost-35 year old woman, there are times where I have no desire to get down on the floor. The floor can be cold in the winter time. I also have hardwood floors which means it can be tough on the knees. The floor doesn’t give me the plush, comfort that my couch does. So, despite wanting to regress into the Little mindset, there are times when I just…. don’t want to regress that young! This is when Middle Space comes in handy. I’ve noticed over the years that my Middle side tends to come out when I’m aching or feeling under the weather. Maybe I’ve had a rough night of sleep, and have a case of the grumps. But for whatever reason, I don’t feel like being 5 years old.

I use Middle Space to be kind towards myself. It’s this quasi-middle ground where I can feel younger, but still be able to communicate my needs. I can dictate if I need to rest or sleep in. I can express myself if I’m cramping or having a difficult day. And yet, I can also curl up into a ball and pout too. My middle space is one for self-care. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but I wanted to share my experiences for those who were curious. πŸ™‚

Alright my friends, that’s it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Have a wonderful Friday, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. I think the lines we have in our minds and emotions are “fluid” and have an ebb and flow to them.. What is a little? What is a middle? What is an “adult baby?” I know that for myself these things are very fluid. I could never be a 24/7 baby as some wish to do. For me, adult activities like going to movies or debating politics are far away from my “little space” and need for diapers. But my little side, my baby side is always there, calling me back to the nursery, back to diapers, and back to mommy/baby fantasy relationships. This question of “who am I?” has haunted me from an early age. I believe I am both: baby and adult.

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    1. So beautifully said, my friend! I feel the same way, and the way you described your own spectrum of shifting between head-spaces is deeply accurate. I would take a guess that the majority of age regressors have a spectrum in which they shift around to meet their needs both in age regression and in their adult lives. We move around mentally to fit the space and activity in which we’re engaged in. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the excellent comment! Xx

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  2. You’ve described it so very well. πŸ™‚ I’m very much the same way in middle space.

    A quick story for you, if I may… πŸ™‚ Daddy was REALLY grumpy one afternoon from the stress of all the construction in our home. We agreed to go around the corner to our favorite hamburger joint. This is where my story begins….sitting in the car just before getting out. I looked over at Him and started… “Daddy?”… “Yes, kitten?”. This went on quite a few times. Enough to make Daddy give me “the look”. The last time, “Daddy?”… “What is it, kitten?!”… “Can i have a malt?” i asked giggling and almost bouncing with excitement. When He stopped laughing, He told me He loved me in that special “you make like worth living kind of way” and thanked me for helping Him get out of that cruddy mood. Then we went along to enjoy a malt and burger and have the date we wanted. β™₯ Happy bratting from a little who knew Daddy needed to laugh.

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