Tiny Tykes Adult Babies Series, Part 1: Adult Babies 101

Good Evening Friends,

I have wanted to do a series for so long about adult babies. Well, the time has come, and y’all I have some fun posts coming up. So stay tuned! 🙂 Tonight we’re going to do a crash course on adult babies. What are they? Where do they fit in the world of BDSM? And are they all the same? Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in. ❤


I. Why Regress to Infancy? 

Imagine if you will for a moment, your earliest recollection from childhood. Take a moment and close your eyes. Stretch your mind as far back as you can possibly go. How old are you? 4? Maybe 3 years old? For me, my earliest memories are around 4 years old. My bedroom had lace curtains and wallpaper with little houses on them. I had a lamp that looked like the moon that hung down in a navy blue nook in the corner. It was in that tiny room that I created all kinds of make-believe fairy tales with my dolls and barbies. For many age regressors, infancy is a special time in life. It’s a safe space. It’s a time when they were cared for, or nurtured by their parent/guardian to meet their every need. Think about an infant for a moment. They’re fragile to the world. You cradle them close against your chest, yearning to protect them from all harm.

Your soft words become their lullaby, and you tenderly feed, bathe, and change them regularly. It is in this safe head-space that adult babies find comfort and security. Other adult babies, (like Littles), turn to this period of age regression because they didn’t have their basic needs met as an infant. Some point of development is lacking, and it is in that void, that they pour in the joy of age regression. They recreate the joys of infancy to live out what should have been, and allow the mind to weave new chapters to erase the old ones.

II. Do All Adult Babies Wear Diapers? 

Within the world of B.D.S.M. adult babies in a caregiver relationship fall under the Cg/l category of D/s. There is a common misconception that every adult baby likes to wear diapers. In truth, the sub-spectrum of adult babies differs slightly, so I’d like to break it down a bit here:

  • Every legal adult who regresses to an age of infancy (0-3 years approx.) is an adult baby.
  • Not every adult baby wears diapers.
  • Those who do not wear diapers simply identifies as A.B. (or adult babies).
  • Adult babies who do wear diapers, identifies as A.B.D.L. (or adult baby diaper lover).

Now, adult babies who do wear diapers generally fall into two major categories:

  • Adult babies who wear diapers as a kink, or to gain sexual arousal from wearing ABDL products and acting like an adult infant.
  • Adult babies who wear diapers for non-sexual reasons, for example: to soothe themselves in that regressed space of innocence. Others like to wear diapers because of the enjoyment and tactile feeling that diapers provide.

III. The Kink Side of ABDL: 

Now, hop onto any social media platform, type in “ABDL”, and you’re likely to stumble across an array of adult babies showcasing their padded bums for the kink side of the community. Some people gain arousal from soiling or wetting their diaper. Others gain arousal from watching adult babies “fill” their diapers. Still others enjoy diapering and using their diaper for sexual arousal gained in the humiliation aspect. There is an element of humiliation and degradation that plays into the ADBL kink, because from a very early age we are taught to use the potty to relieve ourselves. Going to the bathroom in our pants or diapers is seen as “filthy” or “shameful”. As such, many ABDL kinksters find a thrill in using their diaper. They gain mental release and satisfaction from overcoming those ingrained obstacles learned during early childhood.

IV. The Joy of the Adult Baby Mindset: 

There is a space of pure joy in the mind of an adult baby. They are nurtured and loved on by their Mommy or Daddy. They are diapered, fed, clothed, and washed from a space of love. They babble, coo, play with toys, and enjoy being read to, just like any other adult Little. While it may appear that the adult baby is drastically different from an adult little… they’re not so different. 🙂 We all just want to be loved on and protected. My hope is that in this upcoming series you discover things that you didn’t know about adult babies. I hope these posts become informative pieces of information designed to equip you with the knowledge to further uplift our Cg/l community.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, smash that like button and let me know. I hope you have a wonderful night, and I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. A very good introduction to a topic that most people have no idea about. Having lived it for 60 years now, I always enjoy any article or view about infantilism, as long as someone keeps an open mind. But non-ABs having an open mind is rare given that our society has a strong aversion to adults wearing diapers and wanting to regress back to infancy. Great blog post Penny!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, Marty! That is high praise coming from you, and your comment simply made my day! 🙂 While I don’t identify as an A.B. exclusively, there are aspects within infantilism that intrigue me, and that I might explore one day! In the meantime, I am so excited to dive in and share my knowledge (and yours) with everyone, so that we can all be more aware and open minded. ❤ *hugs*!


    2. Hey Baby Marty! Thanks for taking time to collab with Kitten/Penny with the interview! I personally love her interview series and learn so much from them. One thing I love about her is that she is very open-minded to anyone of any shape, size or color and I’m very proud of it! Take care!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe thank you, Naomi! You know, adult babies are the elusive, yet still “out there” group of age regressors in the Cg/l spectrum. Just you wait for the rest of the sections in this series. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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