Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 15: Take a #No Makeup Pic!

Chubby Little Challenge Banner

Good Evening Friends,

I am burning the midnight oil tonight as I crunch out my third published book, plus staying on top of daily posts. But I love what I do here, and I love sharing it with all of you. So tonight’s #No Makeup pic really doesn’t have a drop of makeup to it LOL. Yes, this is me with all my wild, curly hair. This is me after staring at my laptop screen for hours, pouring over formatting and posts. This is me, with stiff legs and eating a late dinner because I’m up to my eyes in writing.

But you know what?

It’s my passion. I love being a Cg/l writer. I can’t see myself doing anything else in the world. ❤ And that makes it all worthwhile. May you all find and do your passion too. Sending big hugs and lots of love to each one of you today, and everyday!

Your task: Snap a normal, bum-around photo of yourself with no filter and no makeup! Love yourself, my friends! ❤ 

Alright, it’s back to the grind for me. But stay tuned for more fun posts and I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx

#No Makeup!


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