Hello My Name is Cosmos, and I’m a BOY!

Good Evening Friends,

Tonight I received the most interesting phone call. You see, the farm I live on is located right behind a school for troubled children. When Cosmos came into our lives, I found it shocking that he was so gentle. So well adapted. There was no collar of any kind, and the poor thing was absolutely famished. After we adopted him, we named him Cosmos 🙂 after “Cosmic Creature” from my favorite childhood movie, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”. Life continued on. Cosmos would sleep on the porch during the day, and roam the farm at night ridding the garden of mice and lizards.

And then a phone call came.

The school had apparently purchased two cats to roam the property and be “therapy cats”. One was a boy, and one was a girl. The boy never seemed to want to hang around. They could never keep a collar on him. His name (get this!) was Cosmo. My Cosmos, is Cosmo the therapy cat! After talking with the lovely lady on the phone, we assured her that Cosmos is happy to roam back and forth between the farm and the school to play with the students as need be. The school doesn’t provide food or care for the cats, so they were glad that he was being well cared for.

My Little Posh Prince and Working Therapist

In the meantime, Cosmos stays busy in his life. Now I understand why from the moment he saw my daughter, he could make her feel at ease. I understand why he leaps into our laps with no problem, and even comes running when we go outside to call his name for supper.

Cosmos is a therapy cat. A real, working therapy cat.

I feel so grateful that the school is lenient in allowing Cosmos to live here on the farm with us, and roam there as needed. I’m not sure where the female cat is or where she goes for food, but it would be cool to see her one day. In the meantime, my “posh princess” who I totally thought was a girl… is actually a boy. So, my posh prince wears a glittery silver collar with a jingly bell. He proudly wears a pink heart tag and only eats Fancy Feast cat food (seafood pate only. He hates chicken or beef). And he only prefers tuna cat treats. He refuses water altogether and only drinks milk. He sleeps on memory foam and has an insulated cat house with a built in heating pad for winter.

But Cosmos deserves it. Because little did I know that while I’m here at home living my life, he is helping children each and every day.

You really are a special cosmic creature, and I love you, Cosmos.

Goodnight everyone! 😉

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. Aww I’m so happy for you and Cosmos! We rescued a cat some many years ago, another black cat that turned up on our door. My husband called “him” Bagheera, like Bagheera from Jungle Book, but “Bagheera” was actually a girl cat called Bella who had gone missing for, get this – two years! Her owner was ecstatic to have her back!

    Therapy pets are paw-esome (hehe). My Mum’s dog, a black and tan Collie x Retriever is a therapy dog for elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, too. She was also a great source of support for my Dad towards the end.

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