The Big Book of Little-isms is Published! [My New Book!]


The Big Book of Little-isms: An Annual Collection of Humorous Sayings

Good Evening Friends!

After months of hard work, and hours of formatting, my new book is published!! This time I wanted to bring you a book that was light-hearted. I wanted something you could use for 1 full year that was a piece of Little Space. So I began writing a collection of 365 little sayings to make you smile, laugh, and tap into your little side. Here are a few examples:

Dear Every Daddy or Mommy with a bit of “fluff”:

Your baggy t-shirts make amazing pajamas and whenever we feel extra little, all we have to do is lift up your shirt and hide our face against your tummy. It’s our happy spot. So, thank you for being you.


When a Little goes shopping…

Clerk: Did you find everything alright today?

Daddy & Kitten: “Yes”

Clerk: (begins ringing up purchases) “If you buy one more item, you can get an additional 10% off.”

Kitten: (smiles at Daddy batting her lashes)

Daddy: (sighs) “Go on…”

Kitten: “Woohoo! Tank chu, Daddy!”


Daddy: (writing letters to Santa with Kitten) “Kitten, have you been naughty or nice this year?”

Kitten: (smirks) “…What happens if I’ve been both, Daddy?”


“I’m tired of taking care of someone”.

-said No Daddy Ever


Being a Little gives off a kind of innocence that you can’t fake and it makes me want to protect you all the more.


I submit to you from a place of love.

I submit to you with my full respect and loyalty.

I submit to you because I admit that I’m not strong enough to work on myself alone.

I yearn to please you, and in doing so it makes me happy.

With all of me, I place my trust in you as my Daddy.

I look to you in times of fear, moments of joy, and when I seek comfort.

You are mine just as much as I am yours.

I am your Little.

I hope you all enjoy this collection of happy, humorous sayings. ❤ It was an absolute pleasure designing them and made me feel Little and giggly all the way through. Have a wonderful night and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin Xx


  1. Congrats! The act of creating something is wonderful, isn’t it? I have always loved to create things from drawings when I was young to poems in my old age. I hope you sell many of copies. 🙂
    You might generate some good buzz and good press by sending one to the White House. You could tell the media/press that you thought Trump was “one of us” due to the temper tantrums and immaturity. 😉
    Great work Penny! I am in awe of you!

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