Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 19: Staying Hydrated as a Little!

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Good Evening Friends!

Today’s chubby little photo challenge is to whip out those adorable cups, sippies, and baby bottles and get hydrated! I have a confession to make: I’ve never drank soda of any kind my entire life. Once when I was about 6 years old I kept nagging my grandfather for a sip of his beer. He finally relented and after tasting the bitterness coupled with the carbonation, I promptly spit it out over the back porch and swore off anything carbonated ever again. I’ll be turning 35 years old in a month and I’ve still never drank anything carbonated. I hate it. However, when it comes to beverages I drink a ton of water! That, and tea (hehe!).

What are your favorite beverages? Comment and let me know! I’m curious to learn more about you. 🙂

So, tonight’s picture includes my massive 64 ounce stainless steel water bottle that I take with me everywhere, my Gudetama drinking cup, and my collection of tea mugs that makes me feel Little and happy. I hope you all are staying hydrated out there too! Stay kind to yourselves. Spread the love. Cherish the moments. Have a wonderful night, and I will see you back here in the morning for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. Funny thing about staying hydrated…… as you age, you lose your sense of thirst. Every since I hit my 50s, I have been losing my thirst and now at 60, I rarely feel thirst and I hate drinking water because I don’t desire it. So, many people my age are chronically dehydrated. When you go see your doctor, he is constantly harping, “drink, drink, drink, water, water, water” because so many of us my age lose our thirst.

    So, staying hydrated is an ongoing battle.

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