Tiny Tykes Adult Babies Series, Part 4: D.I.Y. Crib and The Joy of Being Rocked to Sleep!

Good Morning Friends,

How are you? Are you doing well today? A very Happy Pre-Friday to you! This morning I am bringing you a D.I.Y. craft idea to save you some pennies while still giving you the feeling of being in an adult crib. But first I’d like to talk about the joy of being rocked to sleep.

As some of you know, recently I shifted from sleeping in a traditional bed to sleeping in a hammock. I admit that when I finally got rid of my bed I had a momentary bout of panic. As I pushed my mattress out of the house my brain went, “oh s****! Now I’m really committed to this!”. But deep down, I knew that I just had to try this non-traditional sleeping method. You see, my entire life I have slept on a bed. I’ve had spring mattresses. I’ve had expensive memory foam mattresses (that felt glorious). And while some beds were great, and others were not, they didn’t quite make me feel Little while I slipped away to dreamland.

I wanted something to change, yet, I had to be careful about how I did so.

I’m a mother of a beautiful daughter. So I can’t just turn my bedroom into a full time nursery. I have to balance my little side with my normal adult side. My sleeping solution also had to be functional, cost effective, and appease my husband too! It was a tall order, but I was determined to make things work. My husband and I were already sleeping in separate beds (same room) because we both flop like a fish during the night, so it wasn’t an issue when I presented the hammock idea to him. As bigger people I wanted to make sure that we bought sturdy metal frames and soft hammocks that could hold our weight. These were the two products we purchased:



After spending $800 in the past on a king size memory foam mattress, I was thankful to have our new “beds” cost less than a twin mattress and box frame! After saving a bundle of money, the moment had arrived: it was time to sleep in our hammocks. I eased myself into the two person hammock and sighed. It was blissfully comfortable. It was sturdy and held my weight with ease.

But the best part? It rocks!

I. The Joy of Being Rocked to Sleep:Β 

There’s something natural and instinctive about being rocked to sleep. Several days after getting our hammocks I was feeling particularly little one night. I had regressed, but my anxiety was preventing me from going to sleep quickly. My body was fighting my medicine hard. I began to pout. Nani tucked me in, put my blankie on my pillow and my plushie in my arms. Then ever so gently he began to rock my hammock back and forth. The swaying motion shifted me into an even deeper little space! I felt like an infant in a cradle! I felt like a tiny baby being lulled to sleep. The swaying motion completely calmed my system down. Now it’s a part of our nightly routine.

There are some nights when things get busy and I am scrambling into the bed eager to pass out. But it’s in those moments that I simply place my hand to the nearby wall, give a little push, and the hammock does the rest. Why am I telling you this?

Because sleep is important! It’s vital for your health.Β 

So, if the (below) D.I.Y. crib intimidates you… consider switching to a hammock! It’s extremely comfortable, available for all body shapes, sizes, and weight. And if you’re like Nani, and you need your head elevated in the night, the hammock does just that. πŸ™‚

Alright, now let’s jump into today’s D.I.Y. Crib Project!

II. A D.I.Y. Cost-Effective Crib:Β 

Have you seen the cost of ABDL cribs? They can be quite expensive! As someone who has to constantly watch my pennies, I love finding ways to do things “on a dime”. Today, we’re going to tackle a cost-effective D.I.Y. ABDL crib using… PALLETS! Yes, pallet wood is super cheap (or even FREE!) and can be easily disassembled to give you all the wood you need to build your adult crib. Before we jump into the step by step instructions, let’s discuss where to get pallets. Here are a few sites I would recommend:

  • Your local Craigslist
  • Freecycle
  • A local scrapyard

Now, there are several ways to build your crib using pallet wood. The first style bed is the simplest and is a Montessori-style bed. (Yes, just like the early childhood educator). πŸ™‚ Maria Montessori believed that children (and adult babies/Littles!) thrive best when they can be immersed in their environment. You learn and explore by doing. As such, the Montessori bedroom incorporates learning even while going to bed. The bed is whimsical. For this, you will want to place your mattress on the ground. You will be building a simple A-frame around the bed with nothing more then: wood, a hammer, and nails. The benefit of this bed is that there is a spot to attach a mobile directly over your sleeping spot to lull you to sleep.

**For step by step instructions on this frame, click here **Β 


The next is a traditional pallet bed. You can use this simple step by step instructions to build your pallet bed. Then using additional scrap wood, you can add a frame around the stable bed itself to give it more of a crib feel.

The Pallet Bed:Β 


Crib Options to Use with Extra Scrap Wood:Β 

You can create a simple door on the side to climb in and out of the crib.

images (4)

Or, you can leave the side open and raise the bed higher (with more pallets) to create under the bed storage for your toys! πŸ™‚

images (5)

There are many ways to make your own crib using a standard pallet frame design. If you decide to tackle this DIY project, snap a pic and let me see! I can’t wait to hear from you. Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. I saw in another post you wrote about sleeping hammocks and I gotta say I was jealous lol. I wish we could replace our bed with just those but in the end I’m settling for a hammock outside to nap on during the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hammock sleeping is great. I’ve only done it on hikes or when camping. Usually I string up a hammock and have a tent. That way, when it’s storming I have the tent for shelter (and an air mattress). But, sleeping in the hammock is definitely relaxing and surprisingly good on the back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! It’s soooo good on the back, daddy. And, I love how it’s very minimal so you can clean under it with a broom or vacuum. ❀ We should totally go camping together sometime πŸ˜€ That would be a blast! XOXO

      Liked by 2 people

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