The Land of Make Believe [Poetry]

Good Afternoon Friends,

Today I took the day to be quiet. I could feel that my soul needed it. It was a slow day, tidying house and the like. But, in the midst of cleaning I felt my fingers give the familiar tingle. My mind yearned to express itself in a more creative form. So I sat down and penned this poem. Perhaps it was the puffy clouds rolling across the sky that gave inspiration in the moment? Perhaps it was thinking about Daddy C and Nani that filled my heart to the brim with love that poured forth onto the page? Whatever the reason, this is the poem that came out. 🙂 I’m not a poet, but still… I hope it makes you smile.

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


Soft clouds that roll across the sky,
Beckon me to a land far away.
My spirit leaves and guides me there,
To the land of make believe.
With candy cane trees and shamrock tea,
And flowing gumdrop fountains,
It’s a place reserved for Little Me,
A town on a distant mountain.

I skip inside the central diner
Ordering their only fare.
A stack of pancakes cooked so high,
But made lighter than air.
The sticky syrup drizzled on top is nothing that I’ve seen,
Rainbow berries cooked nice and slow give it its glistening sheen.

And afterwards it will be grand to shop in the heart of town,
With my friend Larry, we’ll hit the stores to find me a ball gown.
With him in a tux, we’ll be the best dressed, but there’s one thing left to do,
It’s off to the hat shop, just Larry and I, And he will take my cue.
“Put this on your head, Sir”, to him I’ll say, he’ll take my arm and bow,
“My dear good Lady let me buy you a drink, and then we’ll leave right now”.

Beneath the stars and moon above, we’ll walk hand in hand,
Past painters, dancers, and musicians playing the tunes of the land.
As day turns to night, and my feet grow weary I know the day is done,
I slip away from the land of make believe, a place I’ve had so much fun.


  1. I think you are a very good poet. Trust me, I’ve been to a lot of poetry readings when I used to live in Minneapolis, and I’ve heard and read a lot of poems. Yours is very good; book worthy. I write some poetry myself, but like most poets/writers I am a harsh critic of my own work. Keep writing Penny; I think you express yourself very well. It’s a very beautiful poem; very expressive.

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