Girl, Fix Yo Hair [Poetry]


They said I have cankles.

They said my hair’s a mess.

They said my hips are too wide,

They said I should confess.

They told me to wear makeup,

They told me to be fake,

That who I am inside ain’t enough,

They left me there to break.

They told me, “wipe your tears girl. There ain’t no time to cry.

If you let life walk all over you, you might as well lay down and die”.

So I pulled up my mess of a hair,

and wiped the dirt off of my face.

I learned how to march through life

and how to survive the rat race.

And then came Daddy, a man so fine that he took me by surprise,

Every time I dipped my head in shame, he’d make me lift my eyes.

“Just look at me, and no one else” his command came strong and clear.

And so I followed him into the path of submission, and kept his heart so near.

I am a girl with cankles wide, and calves that are so thick.

My hair’s a mess, wild and untamed, no brush will do the trick.

But this girl is strong and proud of herself she’s come a long damn way,

I kneel in pride of the sub inside, cause that feeling ain’t going away.

I march to beats of glitter, and pink unicorns too.

I am Little with eyes of green, I babble and I coo.

My Little Space is magical, it’s perfect and it’s me.

So to everyone that’s different, just stop and believe.

If you have faith in yourself, then you too will find,

That Little Space is for everyone, who’s special and kind.

We’re all together now in one perfect harmony,

A sea of rainbow colors just like the rolling sea.

So be the Little that you are, and I will be one too,

And together we’ll make life whimsical, special and anew.


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